Kristy Battani

Kristy Battani

Austin, TX, United States

About Kristy Battani

I create abstract textile paintings from obsolete textual materials, trying to build a bit of order from chaos.

I begin each piece with some form of outdated textual material. I collect volumes of mundane printed matter that once directed our daily lives, things like discarded manuals, diaries, directories, textbooks, maps, books and ledgers. I am intrigued by the materials— and ideas—that have become obsolete in our society and the speed at which they are displaced by newer concepts and technologies.

For me, the outdated materials I use in my artwork represent threads that weave our past with our present—threads that disintegrate with the passage of time, both literally and figuratively. I create my pieces from many layers of textual materials and paint, worn back through sanding to represent the passage of time, a process that I repeat again and again, intentionally highlighting the abstract patterns, texture and color that emerge from that process.

In my artwork I try to capture the feeling of instability and chaos that come with these rapid changes, counterbalanced with my innate desire for structure, order and calm.