Karla Ryan

Karla Ryan

los angeles, CA, United States

About Karla Ryan

Karla is drawn to bold colors, textures and shapes, approaching a painting with some basic color choices but nothing else. She lets the process of applying the paint and her mood take her where she feels the work should go. She often paints layers of color and scrapes away sections to reveal interesting colors underneath. "I always find it exciting to see what pops up under a layer of paint. I'll use a spray bottle while paint is still wet to get drips in certain areas and reveal layers of color. I love how the drips are uncontrolled and spontaneous." She is inspired by the works of Helen Frankenthaler, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Richard Deibenkorn and Robert Motherwell.



BA in Fine Art from San Jose State University


El Segundo Art Walk 2016 - June 16th and July 21st