Kurtis Brand

Kurtis Brand

San Francisco, CA, United States

About Kurtis Brand

I am a multi disciplinary artist living in San Francisco.

For the last six years I have lived in Guatemala amongst and passionately absorbed a culture of vast extremes which lends a poetic, immediate and visceral quality to my work.

Guatemala is a place of the heart and I want to viewer share in the amazing experiences I have here on a daily basis. Traversing the pueblos and connecting with the people of this extraordinary culture offers me endless inspiration and the stories that are told through my work are unique and deeply personal.

The quotidian material culture that I see around me becomes the medium for my work. Materials like volcanic ash from the active and violent volcano that lives in my back yard, corn masa, the dough that is used to make tortillas that provides sustenance to an extremely impoverished nation, natural plant dyes, upcycled reused denim fabrics, sustainably farmed wood for my frames, natural twine made from the maguey cactus, concrete and rebar that is used to make most of the homes here all become a part of my work.

The other aspect of my work is my meditation practice and my desire to express what I realize and discover through that meditation. I feel that this world we occupy is on the brink of extreme change and it is our job as citizens of this planet to make a positive stand environmentally, emotionally and intellectually and a contemplative practice is essential to help our culture evolve into the potential of kindness, love, compassion and empathy. This part of my work attempts to express the connection we have as people and the the oneness of all sentient beings.

I was educated at Ohio University in painting and the Maryland Institute College of Art in design. I have exhibited in Ohio, Maryland, Washington DC, New York and Guatemala, amongst other places and am collected by a wonderful group of patrons internationally.


BFA Design – Maryland Institute College of Art
BFA Painting – Ohio University


Galeria Panza Verde

Group Shows:
Colectiva Fin de Ano - Galeria Sol del Rio - Guatemala City, Guatemala
Colectiva - Galeria Sol del Rio - Guatemala City, Guatemala
Habitat for Humanity Benefit for Volcano Survivors
Juannio 2018 Benefit for Neurological Institute of Guatemala - Guatemala City, Guatemala


Represented by Galeria Sol del Rio - Guatemala City, Guatemala