Yuri KutYur

Yuri KutYur

Mentona, France

About Yuri KutYur

10.12.79 artist Yury KutYur (Yuri Kutlugildin) belongs to a new generation of Artists whose creationsreflect the present day life in its full diversity and dynamic. The artist was born in Yakutia, spent his childhood in the Ukraine and Bashkiria (Sibai). After that, oncehaving visited Saint-Petersburg, he decided to stay there, and already for 7 years he's been living and creating his works in this city. Now graphic works and paintings of theartist are being exhibited in galleries of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Some of his works can be found in private collections in the USA, Australia, Germany, France,Finland and Luxemburg. KutYur works in the style of gothic modern, on the verge of the modern and the retrospective. His art is characterized by a blend of contemporary oil painting, elongated forms and gothic symbolism, austerity of composition and afocus on ornament and clothes details. His paintings are as colorful, bright and radiant asmedieval stained glasses. The mask - like faces are full of light sorrow over lost innocence. By this means the artist tries to escape the hustle of the transient life, turning to the eternal.


1979 - was Born...
1991 - Children's art school
1998 - University Master of Arts, Master of Arts 6 years


Future Shows:


1998 - "Net gellery" St. Petersburg.
2002 - "Absinth Gallery" Saint-Petersburg
2003 - Studio "Renaissance Dekor"
2003 - Gallery "IR-ART", Moscow
2003 - "Absinth - gallery" Kiev.
2003 - Atrium of the Baltic Complex.
2004 - Gallerie "Chaco" Hamburg, Germany
2004 - Exhibition Hall of the "Petrovsky Fort" Center
2005 - Exhibition Hall Center "City"
2005. - Gallerie "Sol-Art" Saint-Petersburg
2005 - House of the Dutch Church. St. Petersburg.
2006 - Jet-Set Multie Brand
2006 - House of the Dutch Church of St. Petersburg.
2007 Gallerie "Heritage" St. Petersburg
2007 - Exhibition Hall "Atlantis", St. Petersburg.
2007 - Exhibition Hall of the Konstantinovsky Palace
2008 - Decadence club perfomance
2010 - Art Lunch - The Golden Horde
2012 - Art Barrel
2017 - Exhibition "KUTIURISM WORLD" Gallery "Nevsky 8" Ginza