Labros Sekliziotis

Labros Sekliziotis

Athens, Attika, Greece

About Labros Sekliziotis

Architect. Landscape Designer. Amateur Artist. Renaissance Man.Curious.

Labros was born in 1975. Studied Architecture in Oxford and London, UK and practicing it, in Athens, Greece. He is passionate with architecture, landscape architecture and urban design.

At the same time, he indulges himself in various expressions of art, like mixed media, sculpture, digital art, sketching, painting, photography, recycle art, and design as a remedy to Soul.

Photography is a medium with which he tries to “imprint Reality” the way he perceives it. To perceive, to “see”, beyond the obvious.

Sculpture and painting, give him the ability to grasp parts of the divine immateriality that surrounds us. A medium to project memories, comment on the present, fantasize the things to come.

He uses as materials, everyday objects, wood, metal, glass, plastic and a variety of recyclable elements, with their own stories, and transforms them into constructions, collages and works of art, assigning to them a new interpretation and re-presentation.


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