Jeremy Lampkin

Jeremy Lampkin

Rochelle, IL, United States

About Jeremy Lampkin

For me art is about making gems out of tragedies. My style is a distortion of light, color, and physical features inspired by the look of the Moai statues of Easter Island.

I've been fascinated by the esoteric mysteries of anthropology my entire adult life, studying various worldviews spanning from ancient times to present day and into the realm of science fiction. Gnosticism may be the most influential philosophy to me, though I prefer to think of my path as more holistic. In my view, there is one meta-mythology composed of all mythologies.


I am self-taught. I never had a real mentor or any kind of formal training, though my studies have been extensive. I've studied symbolism in the past, forgotten much of it, and used it as inspiration.


Vibe Life Medical Marijuana Expo - Loves Park
Splurge! 2


Gravity (solo show): Mar 1 - Apr 21, 2019

33 group shows as of state lockdown 2020