Laura Stöckl

Laura Stöckl

Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands

About Laura Stöckl

At the age of 14 during a high school Biology lesson, I discovered I have "synesthesia" which is a "condition" in which two or more senses are connected to each other in the brain (more closely connected than commonly). In my case this means I intuitively and automatically associate colour and sound, vision of coloured shapes to music, people, feelings, memories. Every word, every letter, every feeling has a colour... I actually see these colours wherever I go, they are not disturbing me though. It is another layer of reality that I can choose to focus on or sort of "overlook". People are born with synesthesia /it's intensity is strongly developed during the first year of life. Since I was a child I was loving music, I play a lot of instruments and I always loved colours and painting and crafting of all sorts. My father is an engineer and industrial designer, we spent so many days together building and crafting on new projects. Further on in my studies and still today, the discovery of synesthesia and my relation to it plays a very important role.

I was born and raised in Germany and I am half Luxembourgish. My parents took me traveling since a young age and discovering foreign cultures has always been a huge inspiration. When I was 16 I decided to spend a high school year abroad in Mexico. The colours and culture of Mexico influenced me immensely and it was there and then that I decided to follow a creative path. I loved painting since I was a child but growing up in a small town south-west of Germany, I didn't think this could become a career. So Mexico expanded my horizons and I decided to move to London to study ab Bachelor of Arts. Afterwards I started working for my favourite designers such as Diane von Furstenberg in NYC, Matthew Williamson in London - all of them excited me mostly for their use of colour.

Further on I studied a Postgraduate Degree in Accessory Design at Institut Français de la Mode, Paris. I became Women's leather goods designer for Louis Vuitton in Paris. In the frame of my studies, I collaborated with multiple luxury fashion houses such as Dior, Delvaux and Ballin, working on design and painting techniques. After Paris I spent 1,5 years living and working in Berlin and now I am based in Amsterdam since 1,5 years, working as Senior Accessories Designer for Karl Lagerfeld. My approach in Fashion and Art, which in my universe merge seamlessly into one another, is based on a passion for colour and material experimentation to express emotions and subculture. My artistic influence is draws from modern and contemporary movements with a particular focus on Western Art from the 60s and 70s.

I love Art because it can tell stories a thousand words could not explain. What I particularly like about art is the perfect imperfection of a brushstroke and the its honest spontaneity. Art doesn't try to be cool but it is naturally a reflection of culture and society and thereby it is contemporary. What I like about fashion is combining and experimenting with materials and colours. I don't like fashion in the sense of dictated style… being “en vogue” or not - I prefer to approach it more as an art form expressing one's culture and a sort of “tribe- belonging”. This is where I also see a link between art and fashion, particularly street art, collage and popular art movements in combination with urban, young and edgy garment and accessory design.

In my work I draw upon emotions and events of my life, telling them in a colourful narrative and experimenting with techniques.
Art for me is a journal and a conversation with the people and events in my life as well as dreams about our future.
My recent obsession is playing with wide, soft brushes to create thick texture and gradient colours.


2015-2016: Postgraduate Degree, Major in Accessories at Institut Français de la Mode, Paris, France

2010-2013: Bachelor in Fashion Design, focusing on Luxury Womenswear at Istituto Marangoni, London, UK

Major in Arts during High School Diploma, Germany


2018: Solo exhibition for a fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine launch at Ibiza's Nobu Hotel during August.

2014: Laura's Autumn/Winter '14 Collection was selected to show at Oxford Fashion Week'14.

2013: Fashion Show of her first luxury Womenswear Collection at Graduate Fashion Week '13 in London, UK

2010: Laura Stöckl's Spring Summer '11 Art and Fashion Collection was inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The collection was created as one of her final projects of Abitur (German equivalent to A levels) and presented and exhibited at the local house of educational science throughout summer 2010. (Heppenheim, Germany)