Lauren J Whitley

Lauren J Whitley

GA, United States

About Lauren J Whitley

I prefer to work in installation/video form, using materials and images that I find on the streets or natural objects. In my work I switch between mediums throughout the year but the ideas behind the work remain related to an examination of perception, cognitive aberration, and the relationship between the natural and supernatural. Right now I'm really interested in trauma and it's physical manifestations in the body.

Artist Statement
I'm interested in moments of dissociation that create memory. Peripheral information found between elements are the real content of my art. The work mainly comes from dreams, memories, and writings. The writings are visual sketches of places that I thematically find myself, a particular symbolic code made from the combination of emotion/intuition and a place.


2016: “Feel the Heat” Hall Barnett Gallery, New Orleans LA
2015: “Annual X-Mas Party” Hall Barnett Gallery, New Orleans LA
2014: “Second Saturday, St. Claude Arts District” Birds Nest Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2013: “Hybrid Identites” Edinburgh, U.K
2013: “ReHappening” Black Mountain College, Black Mountain, NC
2013: “With and Without” Wisteria House Gallery/LaunchPad, Brooklyn NY

2012: “Total Gold Installation” Carolina Lane. Asheville, NC

2011: “Shucked,” Push Gallery, Asheville, NC
2011: “Flowers and Fun,” Gallery 1526, Atlanta, GA
2011: “Slump,” Western Carolina Graduate Group, Sylva, NC
2011: “Coterie,” Gallery 1526, Atlanta, GA
2011: “Disposable Camera Art Show,” Asheville, NC
2010: “Hangar Benefit Show,” Hangar, Athens, GA
2009: “Dark Arts,” Push Gallery, Asheville, NC
2009: Hangar Group Show-The Hangar, Athens, GA
2008: The Bailey Law Group Show, Washington, D.C
2007: “Art Attack II,” Push Gallery, Asheville, NC
2007: Student Show, Owen Gallery, Asheville, NC