Li Ching Heng

Li Ching Heng

Singapore, Asia, Singapore

About Li Ching Heng

Li Ching oscillates between melancholic pen work and sparkling, gem like watercolours. From a young age, immersed in picture books, fairy tales, folk stories, poetry and anime, she has been mesmerized with the idea of alternate realities and parallel worlds. This is an underlying theme in much of her art.

Born and bred in Singapore, she lived in Thailand for a decade, spending more than half of that as a professional Gemologist. The countless hours she spent observing the internal landscapes of gemstones under microscopes, has translated into a clean and vibrant watercolour style full of colour, light and wonder.

Li Ching’s aesthetic influences derive from many things: a childhood spent running along railway tracks and Peranakan five foot ways, adventures in old Botanical gardens, and more recently, tutelage under local Chinese Ink masters Nai Swee Leng and Goh Chiew Lye.


Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences
Singapore Institute of Management
National University of Singapore
Raffles Junior College
Singapore Chinese Girls School


Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2018
Art Gwangju 2018
Art Asia Seoul 2018
Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2018
Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2019