Leandro Antoli

Leandro Antoli

San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, Spain

About Leandro Antoli

Something came out from my inside, something uncontainable, a volcano smoke that came from within and nothing could stop it, nothing restrained it. The work needed to exist.

My insights, my intuitions, "the light I see shining through in a dense forest" need to be represented, be shown in colors, shapes, textures, images or words. I don’t make it happen, it just happens.

In order to carry out my work I pull off the remains of the material gathered through time from our land onto the walls , the walls that have sheltered the human beings who had formed this land and the drawings that children have been scrawling for centuries on these walls. I extract the paint and the scratches from the walls. I superimpose my own drawings on it as engravings or incisive forms and pull it all up like a restorer would do if he wanted to transfer a mural painting to a canvas.

Other times these drawings/archetypes are made in watercolors, acrylics or any kind of pigments on top of papers or fabrics where I put the images that arise in my mind, developing them later, resulting in the conversion of my thoughts into paintings.


Graduate in Fine Arts in San Fernando Academy, Madrid. Specialty: Art Restoration Works.
1st, 2nd and 3rd courses of E.S. ARCHITECTURE of Madrid.
Doctorate Courses at the Faculty of Fine Arts.
Professor of drawing at the School J. DE VILLANUEVA
Currently, Professor of Drawing, Landscape and Watercolor at the House of Culture of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.
Courses at the Escurialense Institute of Historical and Scientific Research.
Course in Pablo Palazuelo's Workshop.
Course of Engraving in CC. of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.
Since 2005. Creator, editor and contributor to the magazine Engraving and Edition
2011. Director of the Watercolor School El Escorial.



2017 Gallery "Palace Ferraques". Saint-Quentin. France.
2016 Exhibition Hall C.C. Castropol
2015 Jacoz'art Gallery. Barcelona.
2013 Exhibition Hall C.C. San Lorenzo de El Escorial.
2012 aleria inesbarrenechea
2010 Jacoz'art Gallery. Barcelona.
2008 Exhibition Hall C. C. San Lorenzo de El Escorial
2007 Gallery inesbarrenechea
2006 Alvaro Sellés gallery. Madrid
2005 Jacoz'art Gallery. Barcelona.
2004 Jacoz'art Gallery. Barcelona.
2003 Exhibition Hall C. C. San Lorenzo de El Escorial (biannual exhibition).
2002 Gallery "Kedelhuset". Denmark.
2001 The Harmonic Row. Madrid.
1999 Exhibition Hall C.C. San Lorenzo de El Escorial.
1998 Gallery "Palace Ferraques". Saint-Quentin. France.
1997 C.C: "The Tower". Guadarrama Madrid.
1995 "The Blue State". Progress Gallery. Madrid.
1994 Stampa Gallery. Milan.
1989 La Lonja Cultural Center. Madrid.
1986 Room D'ART of the Catalan Circle of Madrid.
1993 Exhibition of Engraving. Gallery 37. Madrid.

National Library of Spain.
Ortiz Cañabate Collection.
Generalitat of Catalunya.
Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation. Majorca.
CEIM Foundation
Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes. Lisbon.
Lobo Antunes Foundation. Lisbon.
National Museum "Washington". USA.
Casa de la Moneda Foundation. Madrid.