Leena Noux

Leena Noux

Orléans, Centre, France

About Leena Noux

Leena Noux - Leena Nousiainen Art:

I'm a Finnish born (1970 in Oulu, Northern Finland) contemporary fine art painter in France, finding my inspiration in our history, literature, mythology, poetry, theater, and music - in humanity - in all it's good and it's bad.

My first touch with art and painting was the Christmas 1976; I got a book of Edvard Munch's work in my hands (it was a xmas gift to my mother) and I was so impressed, it was like a revelation, to see that something like that excists! Munch's work opened me a whole world of painting, and I knew I wanted to do the same - - - still got that book in my studio.

So I made my art oriented high school studies, and professional studies in classic and modern art both in Oulu and Helsinki, in Finland, and been doing exhibitions since 1998 - check out the exhibition list / CV.

For me the painting is an endless research of expression and parallel stories hidden in us - complex mirrors of ourselves - often with a touch of sweet, dark decadence. Because that's what we are, doing our best yet tempted sometimes by the irresistible darkness. I find that very interesting in human nature

I paint with high quality acrylic paint on canvases, and I use also charcoal, pastels and spray paint. Mostly I work with my hands and sponges, with a spray bottle of water, and not so much with brushes. I don't use models or any photographic material.

I'm living and working in France, Orléans, and I do exhibition projects in all Orléans area with several associations, and in some European galleries.
Today, my work can be found in private collections worldwide.

Several exhibitions since 1998 -
in Finland,
and UK.
*Detailed list on Web site.

Oulun Lyseo, art oriented high school, Oulu Finland
Art school Vapaa Taidekoulu, Helsinki Finland
Art school Taidekoulu Maa, Helsinki Finland


Various professional studies of classic and modern art in Helsinki, preceded by an art oriented high school in Oulu, Finland:
Vapaa Taidekoulu 1999- 2001
Taidekoulu Maa 1998 - 1999
Oulun Lyseon lukio, kuvataidepainotteinen linja
Born in Oulu 1970.


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November: Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain; PARIS, FRANCE.
October: charity exhibition for children with cancer, and studio open doors exhibition; Orléans, France.
July/August: DoubleJe open-air-exhibition in Orléans, France
April: Open Studio Exhibition, Orléans, France.
March: Sans Titre - group show in Ingré, France
February: Les Anonymes -group show in Orléans, France.
group show in London, Brick Lane Gallery November and
2 group shows in Orléans France during November.
October: studio exhibition in Orléans

2016 January-February: Italy, Florence - Art Expertise gallery show. in June and October Studio Exhibition in Orléans, France.
2015: Solo show Librairie Passion Culture, Orléans France,
Fête de Couleur 136, Orléans
OpenDoors@studio, Orléans,
co-exhibitions with ADACAO, Olivet.
Vol de Nuit, Orléans.
Salon des Artistes Orléanais, Orléans.
gallery Marzia Frozen, Berlin, Germany.
ART EXPERTISE, Firenze, Italy.

2014: several co-exhibitions with the associations
Chécy Libre Expression,
Sans Titre,
Traits Abstaits,
Artistes Orléanais et
Loiret, France

2013: Chateau des Longues Allées,
Événement Terres de Loire – painting in live,
co-exhibition with Artistes Orléanais
Gallery Fogga, Helsinki, Finland

2010: Café Aalto, Helsinki, Finland

2009: Röykän Asema; Nurmijärvi, Finland

2008: Röykän Asema, Nurmijärvi, Finland

2007: Rytmi; Helsinki *) Finland*Helsinki City Festival.
Solo show Art-Goes-Kapakka Festival

2005: Ysi Bar; Helsinki, Finlande

2003: Galleria Oma Huone; Helsinki, Finland

1998: Oulun Panimo; Oulu, Finland

Check out my web site for the passed exhibitions & events: