Jeff LeFever

Jeff LeFever

Las Vegas, NV, United States

About Jeff LeFever

I was born outside Los Angeles, CA, not far from LAX airport, as if my life were branded by the journey. The expression through art on the vehicle of imagination has been a journey within, just as planes and trains have taken me afar: I like color. I like texture. I like ideas and discovery. I like getting my hands in the medium. I like being human more than being an idea. My works are in mixed media and photography.

2003-2014 I photo-documented the Christian Consecrated Space - I have 15 books of my work available to collect at

The work here on Saatchi were selected by me as a few of my favorites from my career as a commercial and a fine arts artist for over 40 years (since early 1979)... so we can say, this work is celebrating my 40th anniversary as a professional artist/phtogorapher.


Art Institute of Southern California, 1994-1992 BFA

Los Angeles Trade Tech College, 1979 - 1977 AA Illustration/Graphic Design


2002 CLOUD FORMS divine mystery Show.
Laguna Beach Private Show
2000 - 1990 Art Institute of Southern California, Laguna Beach; group show
1997 Santa Ana College, Santa Ana; group show
1996 Maturengo Museum. Ridgecrest; solo show
1994 - 1983 Laguna Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach; group show
1987 - 1985 Elan Gallery, Laguna Beach; one-man and group shows
1987 LA Collection, Laguna Beach Gallery, Laguna; group show, Desert Princess Hotel, Palm Springs; one-man show
1986 Golden West Fine Art, Los Angeles; group show
1984 - 1983 Sherwood Gallery, Laguna Beach; one-man and group shows
1982 Lady Di Gallery, Laguna Beach; one-man show.

CORPORATE COLLECTIONS: Accurate Graphics, Los Angeles, CA.Butterfield Savings and Loan, Costa Mesa, CA. First Equity, Newport Beach, CA., Pacific Fitness Corporation, Cypress, CA., Market Street Gym, San Francisco CA, Wyland Galleries, Inc., Laguna Beach, CA

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Published by
Paper Moon Graphics, Small World Greetings, Portal Publications, Boone International, Sherwood Gallery