Leo Jahaan

Leo Jahaan

Berlin, Germany

About Leo Jahaan

Leo Jahaan is an artist working with representational fine art photography, with a focus on minerals and rocks, plus research-based diagrammatic artwork including oil painting and light art.


2015 "The State of Art: Installation & Site-Specific #2"
2015 “Columbia College Review”
2014 “Issues in Science & Technology”
2014 “SciArt in America”
2014 “DIAGRAM” Journal
2014 “Creative Quarterly Journal”
2014 “Art Ascent” Magazine
2015 Finalist, Creative Quarterly Journal
2014 Finalist, American Art Awards
2014 Finalist, Creative Quarterly Journal
2014 Finalist, The Artist's Magazine


2015 "Future & Behind", Venice
2015 "Art Below", London
2014 “Un-Natural Nature”, New York
2014 “Un seul grain de riz”, Paris
2014 LACDA, Los Angeles
2014 Pop Up Art Gallery, Berlin
2014 EAGL Gallery, Berlin