Lewis Evans

Lewis Evans

Horsefly, BC, Canada

About Lewis Evans

Lewis originally worked in engineering before turning to graphic design and photography in his twenties. Following his graduation, he worked as a graphic designer at the BBC. He then set up a marketing communications consultancy where he carried out design and corporate identity projects for companies in a wide variety of industries.

In the early 1990s he spent many weekends with a community of artists at the home of the film director, Stanley Kubrick, who lived near him in the UK and whose wife, Christiane, is an accomplished artist. Here, he experimented with new methods and media, before setting up his own art studio.

He has exhibited in New York, Marbella, Geneva, Vancouver, France, Switzerland and the UK. He owned and managed the Lewis Evans Art Studio and Gallery on Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada 2006-8.

Art marketing
As an established, professional artist since 1993, Lewis Evans has also promoted the art community using his marketing communication skills. Past promotional projects include:

Development of a strategy and marketing materials for Hertfordshire Open Studios in the UK
Development and promotion of Arts on the Costa - a scheme that enabled the arts community to sell direct to a large incoming customer base in the Costa del Sol in Spain
Through Inside Out Media, his publishing and personal empowerment partnership that he runs with his wife, Olga Sheean, he has introduced Making-Art-Work, a cause-related art marketing initiative designed to support charitable organizations.

Other work

He has written both fiction and non fiction titles. His 2011 novel, Hominine - it's time to choose, is a timely and exciting geopolitical thriller that received critical acclaim. In 202 he published Future Perfect Now - a highly personal daily journal, rich with emotional and philosophical detail.

Throughout the 1980s he practised professional photography. His extensive portfolio contains architectural, industrial and fashion work. In the late 1980s, he designed and photographed many calendars using models in exotic locations, as well as fashion photography which found its way into several top magazines including Vogue.

Lewis has several inventions under his belt. He invented and commercialized a new way to trade currencies using a combination of powerful mindset techniques developed by his wife, Olga Sheean, and a revolutionary method of setting up trading charts that is based on ancient knowledge and the Fibonacci ratios. He co-authored a book on the subject and achieved worldwide recognition and sales within the first year through web-based marketing, seminars and courses.

He designed and manufactured a microwave-shielding device designed to protect mobile phone users from potentially harmful radiation produced by mobile phones.

The United Nations and HIV/AIDS
He spent two years in Geneva working for the International Labour Organization (part of the United Nations), as a communications specialist for ILO/AIDS, the part of the ILO that deals with HIV/AIDS in the world of work.

Lewis was a voluntary Director of PeaceGeeks.org, a humanitarian NGO, for nine years.


Art30 - Inspired by Creativity event, 12 September 2013


Annual private showings, Hertfordshire, UK 1993 - 1999
Art in Action, Jacob Javits Centre, New York 1997
Hertfordshire Open Studios, Hertfordshire, UK 1998 - 1999
One man show, Club la Costa, Marbella, Spain 2001
Collective, Galeria de Arte El Catalejo, Marbella, Spain 2001
Arts Festival, Atalaya Park Hotel, Puerto Banus, Spain 2001
Arts Festival, Don Miguel Hotel, Marbella, Spain 2001
One man show, Terra Sana, Puerto Banus, Spain 2002
One man show, Begnins, Switzerland 2004
One man show, Jericho Arts Centre, Vancouver, Canada 2005
One man show, Raymond James Gallery, Vancouver, Canada 2006
Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada 2006 - 2011
Fresh Starts - One man show, Dublin, Ireland 2009
Group Art exhibition in Magné, France 2020