Lia Chechelashvili

Lia Chechelashvili

Tbilisi, Georgia

About Lia Chechelashvili

My works can be divided into three main categories:

1) White lines on dark background (executed mostly with gouache on cardboard):

"Party", "Illusion", "Cube" are examples of the body of work which I began in 1989.

Human forms, their interaction, linear transformations of the objects, rhythmic play of construction - these are the main features of my work.

In those compositions I used line as a minimalistic mean for delivering my thoughts and vision.

2) Oil paintings (oil on canvas/cardboard)

"Red flowers", "Crooked street", "Green construction" are examples of my oil paintings, which are also based on human forms. Other works are abstract or semi-abstract; the examples are "Composition 6", "Composition 7", "Composition 14". In these works I try to deliver light, space and color.

3) Digitally embellished drawings

This body of work is a natural continuation of my line-works. In 2006, I began applying digital effects to my drawings. The idea was to enrich simple line and make it look more complex, thus through that complexity create a new kind of form.

The examples of this body of work are "Untitled", "Lovers", "Autumn lovers".


Artistic education : selftaught


Group exhibition “New Colours“, International company “Anima“ presents
self-educated painters in Modern art gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia, November 1993.
Solo exhibition in Old gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia, March 1995.
Solo exhibition in Old gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia, January 1999.
Solo exhibition “Interactions” in Art-Domain gallery, Port d’Andratx, Mallorca, Spain, September 2003.
Group exhibition in World Fine Art gallery, Chelsea, New York, February 2004.
Group exhibition “Urbanscene” in Primo Piano Living gallery, Lecce, Italy, June 2004.
Group exhibition “Summer2004” in Galeriazero, Barcelona, Spain, June 2004.
Participation in Salon International de St Jean de Monts at Palais des Congrès de St Jean de Monts, France, July 2004.
Group exhibition “A History of Conflict-A future of Hope” in Frazier Museum,
Louisville, Kentucky, USA, September 2004.
Group exhibition at Sala Barna, Barcelona, Spain, October 2004.
Group exhibition at Galerie Natalie Boldyreff, Paris, France, October 2005.
Participation in Salon d'Automne 2005 which took place at Parc Floral de Paris,
from 20 till 30 October; Paris, France, 2005.
Participation in biennale “EMMA 2007”, European Masters of Modern Art, which
took place in historical water-castle in Burgau, Austria, from 14 April till 5 May 2007.
Group exhibition at “Infusion Gallery”, Los Angeles, California, February 2008.
Group exhibition “Mint Green” at the Attic, New Delhi, India, from 28 September
till 8 October 2008.
Participation in International Art Exhibition on the wonders of music "Symphony of Art&Music", Olpadwala Hall, Kolkata, India, August 2009.
Solo exhibition at “New Art Café”, Tbilisi, Georgia, November 2009.
Group exhibition at Galeria d’Art i Disseny Patricia Muñoz, Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain, from 25 October till 10 November, 2010.
Group exhibition “Snap to Grid” at Los Angeles Center of Digital Art, Los Angeles, California, from 11 November till 4 December, 2010.
Participation in FAIM Art 2010 - Feria de Arte Independiente de Madrid, Palacio
de Congresos y Exposiciones de Madrid, Madrid, Spain, 25-28 November, 2010.
Participation in Parallax Art Fair, at La Galleria, Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall, London, UK,
20-22 October, 2011.
Participation in Fountain Art Fair, Miami, USA, 1-4 December, 2011.
Participation in IFAA Art Festival 2012, at Pritamlal Dua Art Gallery, Indore, India, 6-8 January,