Liam Downes

Liam Downes

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

About Liam Downes

Think. Do. Express.

Life is about the moment. We are free to express ourselves. Making our mark helps us to find our place within the moment. The trick is to stay there.

Working in the design and illustration industry has allowed Liam to explore many styles across countless mediums over the years. His portfolio is a reflection of this as he continues to 'express' in his unique way.

Since moving to New Zealand from Brighton, England in 2001 he has enjoyed successful exhibitions, painted commissions for a global audience and ran a high street gallery where he represented 15 artists. Liam finds inspiration around most corners of New Zealand; 'We are surrounded by freaks of nature and man-made oddities. Rangitoto sleeps whilst the Sky Tower looms over us, an arrogant reminder of mans ability to create and impose. Mix these city icons with a life long appreciation for the female form and wahey - Bob's your aunty!'

Liam spent 3 years on Waiheke Island before experiencing city life first hand. He lived at the foot of the Sky Tower for a few years before steadily 'removing' himself and his family from its clutches. He now lives in Titirangi and 'wouldn't swap it for the world.'


Camberwell College of Arts
University of the Arts London

Portsmouth College of Art


Liam is proud to be one of 20 artists representing NZ at the 8th Beijing International Art Biennale (BIAB) at the National Art Museum of China.
The multi-cultural exhibition is touring across China, with a theme of "A colorful world and a shared future”.

• National Art Museum of China - 8th Beijing International Art Biennale (BIAB) - Beijing China
• Auckland International (AI) Gallery - Auckland NZ
• Black Door Gallery - Auckland NZ
• Art by the Sea - Auckland NZ
• Rockit Gallery - Auckland NZ
• Brighton Foundation - Brighton UK