Lisa Chan

Lisa Chan

London, Greater London, United Kingdom

About Lisa Chan

Lisa Chan is an artist from Hong Kong, currently living in London where she runs a small art and architecture studio, Local Collective. Her work is about documenting London’s inner peripheries through assembling collections of fragments, accidental spaces and incomplete stories. She works with techniques of collage, bricolage and assemblage to dissect her observations of London as Found. She believes that such processes of simultaneity between partial removal, cutting and stitching will reveal understandings of the city as a product of frictions, misfits, chances and collisions.The objects and images of her work are somewhere between the imaginary and the real, the misplaced and the inherent. What they form is a playfully ambiguous yet technically refined architectural fiction.


Architectural Association


Lisa’s work has been published in the Architects Journal, the London Festival of Architecture, and has been exhibited at the Architectural Association, London.