Loda Choo

Loda Choo

Austin, TX, United States

About Loda Choo

I was Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea
I Lives in Austin, TX, USA
I am a photographic artist.
After self-studying photography for about 10 years, she started making photographic art and, is one of the Conceptual photographic artists working with common objects like fruits, cups, foods, flowers, etc.
I describe my art as a reflection of the world where we are living.


Majored in Architecture in Seoul, South Korea.
Studied Professional Photography in Austin ,Texas.


/ Bigbend Museum
/ Gusto Studios

/ ACC Highland Campus _ Austin, Tx, USA.
/ PH21 Gallery _ Budapest, Hungary
/ Florida Museum of Photographic Arts _ Tampa, Florida, USA
/ Asian American Resource Center_ Austin, Tx
/ Korean Cultural Center_Austin, Tx

/ Austin City Hall