I am essentially self-taught painter. I was born in Trieste on Aug. 24th, 1951, during the times when Italy was under the Allied Liberation Government. It was a free town, like the spirit of the artist, whose imagination and especially dreams never did leave him. However, Venice is definitely my fatherland, since it is on those islands where I consolidated my culture and profession, a golden atmosphere where I, as an artist found new colors, and where I lives and works now.
I was a business man obliged to leave my passion as an hobby. After a long phase where I tried different paint techniques around vision art, I feel the need to make me free by the influences, to develop my own creativity.
To catch out this conviction, I decided to attend the ateliers of two important venetian artists, Gianfranco Quaresemin and Alberto Candian, academic teachers of Emilio Vedova’s school, following the design and painting courses, female nude, but above all treasuring their teachings on the pictorial techniques and their expression’s formality. Since 2009 at the Cultural Association Piranesi I learned by Giancarlo Zaramella lessons of pictorial composition and critical analysis, fundamental in the informal art’s discovery, that it’s so far from the rigid and known ties, but connected to its pictorial feeling and impulsive decisions.
Since the beginning of 2005 I have been breaking away from all the others, to develop my own very unique approach to expression in painting.
The emotion lasts an instant. It’s a fast moment adapt to a dynamic life, articulated for a more and more narrow and intense times. It needs to unite indissolubly the instantaneousness of the emotion with the art work’s realization. To transfer my intense and personal feeling on the canvas and don’ lose anything. The action and fast painting is my preferred, that on the basis of my consolidated and renewed knowledges of the painting technique, succeed always to realize, with strong personality, works at tall emotional level. My artistic search, after having revisited the figurative painting, is currently applied to informal art. Study of plans, search of new colors’ combinations and the total composition of the art-work. Chromatic stains and their approaches.
Here the path is pleasurable but also difficult, since I am aware of the need to break away from his previous technical knowledge, and start playing with colors, something which has always fascinated me, to then arrive at the essence of things, or, to enter into things. I am not a show off when I intends to present a great deal, hoping only for my soul to open up freely, without cultural ties and pre established concepts of art. In this manner my imagination can consolidate in a new and original type of pictorial expression.
It’s difficult to describe my artistic vein with the images, much more with words. When I start to paint, I don’t know where I will go exactly, I have just a main topic. My feelings became more and more strong completing my work.
Painting makes me feel so happy and at the end I am fully satisfied. My thought goes directly and fluently to the canvas with an action painting. I am an Informal artist or Abstract Expressionist.


Diploma in Accountant in 1972;
Doctor in Business Economic in 1981;
Courses of painting & design;
Courses about colours use.
Courses of female nude.


2006 – International Art Prize “Un menu' per la Colomba – Venezia, with a collective show in Piazza San Marco
2006 – I° International Painting Prize ARTE LAGUNA – Mogliano Veneto (TV).
Selected within the 32 places with a collective show
2007 – Art Gallery 2 Prize – 11° Prized at the 24° place
2007 – II° International Painting Prize ARTE LAGUNA Selected with a solo show
2007 – VI Art Competition G.B.Moroni in Bergamo. Prized with a worth medal
2008 - Prize Conseil Général de l'Indre (Jura-39) 2008 – Chateauroux – France. Prized with the 1° Art Prize with a solo show.
2010 – En Plain Air in Podresca (UD) – Prized with the 3° Prize from International Accademy of Modern Art Of Roma
2010 – Painting and Sculture Competition “Arte in Opera” Nausica – Parma, Prized within the 12 artists
2011 – Art Competition – Siracura. Prized with the 2° Prize
2013 – Spoleto Festival Art Competition. Received a worth prize.
2015 – Palm Art Award. Received a nomination.
2018 – Partecipation at Art Fair of Bejing - China


2015 – Partecipazione a Vernice Art Fair 13° Ed. Forlì (Stand 96-97 di Kristina Milakovic)
2015 – Mostre collettive “Italian Soul 2° Ed. Contemporary Art Exhibition” in Dubai ed Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.)
Curatrice Gina Affinito
2015 – Nomina al “Palm Art Award 2015”
2015 – Minipersonale MaremmArtExpo’ 2015 – Sorano (GR)
2015 – Mostra Collettiva Galleria Independent Artists United Factories-Expo 2015- Busto Garolfo (MI)
2015 – Mostra Collettiva Galleria ArtTime - Udine
2015 – Inserimento nell’Annuario “Il Quadrato”: Dall’Expo di Milano alla Biennale di Venezia 2015
2015 – Inserimento nel Catalogo Internazionale “We Contemporary 2015” – Ed. Musa Internationale Art Space
2016 – Inserimento dell’Annuario “Art Compass” – Publisher Art Domain- Germany
2016 – Mostra Collettiva “Senza Confini” – Via Toledo, Napoli – Accademia dei Partenopei
2016 – Mostra Personale “Ricerca Informale” - Galleria Luigi Sturzo – Venezia
2016 – Mostra Personale on line MegaArt
2016 – Mostra Mini Personale Galleria Puzzle - Firenze
2017 – Centro Artistico Piranesi – Collective endeavour in San Vendemiano – Treviso - Italy
2017 – Contemporary Art Space Exposition – Collective endeavour in Veroli (FR) - Italy
2017 – Gallery Mega Art in Corchiano (VT) – Italy - Mini solo show “Little format”
2018 – Gallery Accorsi in Venice – Italy - Collective endeavour
2018 – Partecipation at Art Fair of Bejing - China
2018 – Gallery l’Atelier – Collective endeavour – Hunibach -Switzerland
2018 – Partecipation at the Artist’s Residence in Castellvì de la Marca - Barcellona - Spain
2018 – Hosteria Via Caprera in Vittorio Veneto (TV) – Italy - Solo show “Water: emotions’ landscape”