louise laffaille

louise laffaille

Montreuil, Montreuil, France

About louise laffaille

Louise Laffaille is a French and Swiss artist born in 1988.
She is represented by Amélie Maison d’Art, Paris.

Louise Laffaille 's work explores the beauty of hazards, the freedom and unlimited possibilities, the use of water and color can create . In Her work, the history of the painting is often visible, any action can become a landscape element , the movement of water drying in the curve of the paper creates a wave, the marks of a brush taking some pigments off give a movement in the sky, etc.

As water appears to be the first component of any type of life, Louise Laffaille uses its endless possibilities as the leading element to create landscapes in between dream and reality .



2018 The Art Student League, New York, NY

2014 BFA ECAL Lausanne, Switzerland
workshops with John Tremblay, Dan Walsh.

2013 International Exchange Program, BFA Photography Dept., School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2008 Foundation year Applied Arts, École Estienne, Paris, France



Pecan Magazine Chapter 1, 2014, OFR, Palais de Tokyo, Paris.
French Morning, June 2016 article about "state of water state of mind"
French morning, December 2016, article about " spectrum"
Art in Motion video about "spectrum " exhibition in 2016
Art student league 2018 catalogue , cover of Paul Ching Bor's class


Represented by Amelie Maison d’art Paris and Françoise Durst gallery Paris france

2019 Nathalie gauglin/louise laffaille, atelier noir, Albi.
2018 “ D’eau et de lumière”, we art from Paris, Paris.


2020 festival d’art de la ville de carquefou
2019 the other art fair, London
Together we art, LP4Y, New York
2018 winner international jury competition, First street gallery NY
Winner residency of Castle of La Napoule

2017 Artists Run, Noho Gallery, New York, NY

Phases, Art 345, curated by Paul Ching-Bor, New York, NY.

Music of color, gallery 125, New York, NY.

Spectrum, Art 345, curated by Paul Ching Bor.

2016 State of water , State of mind, 345 Art space, curated by Paul Ching Bor, New York, NY.

2015 Bronx Art Space, The Bronx Art Factory, Bronx, NY

Buy what you love, The Rema Hort Mann Fondation, Bosi Gallery, New York,NY

2014 Everyday is a blossom, Graduation exhibition, Galerie ELAC, Switzerland

Time, space and the spectator, curated by Malcolm Le Grice, ECAL, Switzerland

2013 Workshop, curated by Dan Walsh, Galerie Torrini, ECAL, Switzerland

2012 There is a difference between a shaky or out-of-focus photograph and a snapshot of clouds and fog banks, Curated by Philippe Decrauzat, ECAL.

2011 Syndrome de Diogène, curated by Balthazar Lovay, ECAL, Switzerland