Lyudmila Skvortsova

Lyudmila Skvortsova

Moscow, Moscowskaja, Russia

About Lyudmila Skvortsova

I am an artist in love with “abstract art”.
The combination of textures, lines and spots are of independent value to me.
I am inspired by experiments.
I creatively express my uniqueness when I combine spontaneous and meaningful things.

I am a Member of the Abstract Artists Union of Russia, Member of the International Artists Union of “Sztuka bez granic” («Art without borders»).
My paintings are in private and public collections.


I see something hidden from many and unusual in the ordinary. This inspires me to express creatively my life.
To do this, I improve my skills. I am acquiring new skills and expanding my capabilities.
Years passed from the drawings of my mother’s lipstick on the mirror and the wishes of the school principal to see my paintings in the Hermitage. But I still reveal myself and know life through creative ways.

One of my education is a psychologist. (Specialist diploma from “East European University of Economics and Management”).

For the ability to simulate life through drawing, I passed certified training at the “Specialist in Neurography” from the “Institute of Psychology of Creativity” founded by Pavel Piskarev. Now I am developing the direction of "neuro-abstraction."

Immersed in experiments with refracted light and shadow, I discovered photo-light graphics.

The expansion of the view of life led me to "communication with stones" and Stone Art. I learned to “wake up” stones on pictures. Make them visible to other people through the drawing on the stone.

I am pleased that my talents and abilities are realized and find their fans.
The collectors from Russia, the Czech Republic, the USA, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus received my paintings and painted stones.

Styles of expressive abstraction and expressive painting are my favorites. I prefer to create paintings without preliminary outlines and sketches.
So I feel Life better, as if she herself draws through me.
I like to work in mixed media painting techniques. I improve in them and open to a new one.
Recently, I completed training at the “School of Abstract Art” from the Union of Abstracts of Russia.
You can see some works on the page of my store in Saatchi Art. They are the result of my creative renewal.

I participate in contests, exhibitions and collaborations.
The project that I am proud of is the creation and participation in the international art group of abstract artists South Wind. (2016-2019)
Our group carried the idea of uniting people around the world around creativity and art. We created only general work. We painted all at the same time!

Our painting “South Wind” is in the collection of the Belgorod-Dniester Museum of Local Lore. (Ukraine)
The collection of the Romanian Cultural Society contains 11 paintings. These are 5 pictures painted in the same style and color scheme with the name “The Birth of Alvarne”. And 6 paintings, united by a single style, and color scheme with the name "Air of the Sea".


My painting and her story took part in the casting of the documentary "Russian Quarantine". Famous film director, actor and scriptwriter, producer and People's Artist of the RSFSR Andrei Konchalovsky. ⠀

"Fashion week." Our art group South Wind takes part with its work in the show of handbags fashion designer from Odessa. (Ukraine)

- Second International Plenair of Cetatea Alba Artists. (Ukraine)
- Open master classes for schoolchildren.
- Master classes on Stone art and neuro-abstraction.
- International symposium of artists "Picturesque Odyssey". (Sanzhayka. Ukraine)

- An open master class of our art group at the Art-Act triennial of abstract art (Chernivtsi, Ukraine).
- First International Plenair of Cetatea Alba artists 2017. (Ukraine)

- Between 2016 and 2017 as part of the art group South Wind I created my work in the most beautiful places in Europe.
- An open-air master show.
- Our group took part in the international plenair Vorokhta 2016. Ukraine.
- International Plein-air "Magic Krakow". (Poland)

Me and the media. Interview in the studio and a TV appearance with my works Stone art.


- The collective exhibition "Women's March". (Lobnya. Russia).
- The collective exhibition "Abstract Geysers". (Russia)
- Exhibition project "Festival of Flowers". The Shhyolkovo Art Gallery. (Russia)
- The collective exhibition "Walls of the City". (Moscow, Russia)

- Laureate of the Multimedia Exhibition Project "Transformation/Woman's Image. (Art Deco Museum. Russia).
- "Russian Art Week." International Exhibition&Competition of Modern Art. (Russia)
- Diploma exhibition at the "School of Abstract Art". (Moscow. Russia)
- "Images and Fantasies." Collective exhibition in the Gypsy Theater "Romain". (Moscow, Russia).
- 1st place at the International Competition of Plenaries skills Arts "Seasons of the Year". (Art Deco Museum, Russia).
- The collective exhibition "Inhaling the Scent of Life". (Moscow, Russia)

- Personal exhibition of the "South Wind Stories" group. (Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Museum of Regional Studies. Ukraine).
The painting "South Wind" is in the collection of this museum.
- Our work "Road in the Jungle" in the catalog of the International Competition 2018 "Pink Bulldozer". (Ukraine)
- I am the Laureate of the 4th International Art Exhibition "Under the Southern Sun of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. (Ukraine)
- 2nd place and money prize in the International Neuro-Art Competition. (Russia)

- Joint exhibition "Breath of the Sea". (Odessa. Ukraine)

- International exhibition South Wind. (Krakow, Poland)
- Exhibition of paintings by members of the International Artistic Union "Sztuka bez granic". (Odessa. Ukraine)

- Personal exhibition "Stones.Paintings". Odessa House of Scientists. (Ukraine.)
- The exhibition "Odessa Kaleidoscope". (Odessa House of Scientists. Ukraine.)