luca leandrin

luca leandrin

padua, Italy

About luca leandrin

Luke was born in Pordenone for dad who was a critic of art in his spare time and stay at home mom. He later moved to Padua, where he started working and got married. The art comes inside of him in 2006 when he witnesses a teleshopping of paintings by artists of street art. He also feels he has something similar inside and began to paintLuke tries to experiment with street art but in its way, that is trying to make "delicate", similar to his person, "elegant" and certainly "hung up" on a wall in a frame of any house. Through the use of sand, lime, white glue, newspaper, creating the canvas, on which then paint them with acrylic spray, gives written geometric shapes. Then, at the end of everything, splashes of color drips onto the canvas and inks, as the great Pollock taught. And each time it is an effort to stop the dripping color, should be studied every time the internal balance of framework to understand where this balance is and when it is really time to declare "finished" work. In his philosophy is the art accessible to everyone because everyone has the right to have its own house in something like that, no matter who the person who paints, it yields to its clients recognize his works becoming only the costs of materials . "The labor and time I spend to make a painting - say -" not a cost because I like to create something of my own then someone will find a home for someone else. " Currently has a stock of works in that, hand in hand that ago, are also commissioned. Shares everything he does on the web and on Facebook and Flickr in particular: it takes us to understand, thanks to the opinions and advice of the network, where to improve and where to go in artistic research.


Luke is not very interested to exhibit his paintings, just as it fascinates him, the art market that considers drugged, inflated, a game of chance. Almost by accident in July 2010 he was selected for the exhibition "Festival of the Small Format" at the Center for Modern Art in Pisa with the work "50X". Exposes himself in a national exhibition. The pictures it produces gives to colleagues, friends and family. The little money he can recover, he spends to buy new clothes and new materials,