Gerhard Grossberger

Gerhard Grossberger

Ulm, Baden Württemberg, Germany

About Gerhard Grossberger

The begin of my photographic growth was in the early 1970s at the age of 9 when I got a simple pocket camera from my parents. Instantly I became fascinated and infected from this media for the rest of my life. That time my work was related to analogue film and darkroom material. Later, the historic change into a digital workflow gave me a boost of new inspirations. This was like the take off into a new creative chapter of my life.

My work is narrative staged photography, to tell stories on unusual locations or landscapes, combined with people. The models became strange beings within these somehow artificial worlds. Lost princesses that define their own scope from the surrounding environment.

One stylistic element that can be found in a number of works is some kind of absurd situation, an arrangement or part of a composition that points out the sensless of a creative artwork - from an objective point of view. I like to set a counterpoint to the omnipresent desire for sense, benefit and responsibility.

My demands on the technical quality of all works is very high. No place for compromise! The prefered lighting uses plain lights with smooth shadows. Finally the image style, looks and spatial depth is created during digital post processing.

All my artworks here are sold as limited edition of max. 21 prints per picture at 70x105cm museum high quality fine art paper. Other sizes and media are available on request.

My prefered sceneries include absurd situations with female models placed on interesting locations, combining elements which are not matched in normal life.

My work does not document anything, they give no answers. Instead, I am animating to ask questions.

When I compose a new work my demand is to have high technical level. Most works use simple and descreet lighting. Later on the PC the details are enhanced and spatial depth of an image is generated.


Studies of photography and art history
Photography as contemporary art
Master Class with formento & formento
Advanced Photoshop
Phase One Certified Professional
Nikon Professional


2015 Opening of my new atelier
2015 Start of project "the corner"
2017 Start of project "spirit of yearn"
2019 Start of project "about epic and life"
2020 Start of project "tiny room"


2011 Panoramas
2012 Media Culture House
2012 Group exhibition in Linz
2013 Gallery 44er Haus
2014 Gallery of Traun
2016 Nudes, Linz
2017 different view
2018 roxy atrists unchained