Luminita Taranu

Luminita Taranu

Monte Porzio Catone (Rome), Lazio, Italy

About Luminita Taranu

Born in Lugoj, Romania.
Established in Italy since 1987, where he lives and works.
Awards received:
in 1987 she was awarded a National Prize of Romanian Visual Artists Union for drawing, engraving and lithography.

in 1996 her work SUPERSLIDE 29 won a silver plate at the 23° Sulmona Prize International Contemporary Art Competition, Diocesan Civic Museum, Sulmona (AQ), Abruzzo;

in 2012 she received the Art Critics’ Special Mention for her pictorial installation Metaphor: Central Group Y + Central Detail + Lower Detail at the Lìmen International Art Competition held at the Enrico Gagliardi Museum in Vibo Valentia, Calabria;

2013 her project COWMAN of the World - was selected through competition and has participated at the inaugural Opening of the New Science Museum MUSE in Trento, designed by Archistar Renzo Piano. He participated with two digital installations and drawing performance.

June 22, 2018 he was awarded the "Excellency Award" of the Romanian Government "100 for Centenary" (10 for Italy), held at Romanian Academy in Rome, for his artistic work made in Italy. Conferred by MPRP.

2020 - She was awarded the Special Prize for the Foreign Artist at 47°Sulmona Prize International Contemporary Art for the work PICTA MANENT 2020. Diocesan Civic Museum Sulmona (Aquila), Abruzzo.

Works present in museums collections:
MAGI ‘900 Museum of Italian Generations of '900, Pieve di Cento (Bologna);
Scuderie Aldobrandini City Museum, Frascati (Rome);
Permanent Collection of the Center for Research, Documentation and Promotion Constantin Brancusi, Targu Jiu (Romania);
Museum of History and Contemporary Art in Blaj, Romania;
National Library of the San Nilo Abbey, Grottaferrata (Roma);
Museum of the House of Dante Alighieri Foundation, Torre de’ Passeri (Abruzzo)
and in private collections in Italy, Romania and SUA.

Her artworks have been reviewed by modern and contemporary art critics, curators and historians: Mario de Candia, Giorgio Di Genova, Alberto Dambruoso, Barbara Martusciello, Arnaldo Romani Brizzi, Ivana D'Agostino, Cinzia Folcarelli, Stefania Severi, Federica Di Castro and Adrian Guța.

The connecting thread of Ţăranu’s artistic development is metamorphosis, which also becomes a working method and a research method for conceptual and structural transformation in both graphic and pictorial form and in the construction of mega-objectual and digital installations. She has shown her work in numerous solo and collective shows in public and private venues in Italy and elsewhere.

Reviews in art Magazine: NextArt, Ivana D'Agostino, Terzocchio- G. Di Genova, Patrizia Veroli, Cinzia Folcarelli
On the occasion of solo and group exhibitions have written articles in the printed newspaper and web the journalist:
Maria Calabretta, Valentina Miciché, Miruna Cajvaneanu, Giuseppe Selvaggi, Liudmila Carta, Maurizio Vitiello, Dan Timaru, Giuseppina Brandonisio, Claudia Mandi, Luisa Chiumenti.

Monumental installation Columna mutãtio - THE SPIRAL at the Mercati di Traiano - Exhibition at The Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Rome, 2017/2018:

AGENZIA VISTA, 2018, direct:

AGENZIA VISTA -"Film per bimbi diventano quadri”:

RETESOLE TG LAZIO Cultura, 30 gennaio 2017:

Site Mercati di Traiano - Museo dei Fori Imperiali, 2017:

"Columna mutãtio - Itineraria picta" - installations”, exhibition at the Mercati di Traiano - Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Rome, 2013/2014:>

Gala Award 100 pentru Centenar la Roma, 22 giugno 2018


Luminiţa Ţăranu was graduated in 1985 from the N. Grigorescu Academy of Fine Arts, in Bucharest, where she studied with Octav Grigorescu. She received Equivalent degree from the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts, in 1993.
Lives and works in Italy to since 1987.

In my work it has always been important, without discovering the thought, the idea, and the technical support, correct and solid realized, my monumental works sometimes becoming "team works". With this classic ambivalence between background and form, I kept open the path of experimentation, finding rigorous forms to express my message. In this way, in addition to my graphic design in the field of drawing, metal engraving, lithography, silkscreen printing, woodcut, linoleography, traditional and experimental technique (engraving on glass, plexiglas, etc.), the personal form that I gave from hand-printed screen printing since 1992, my researches have embraced the pictorial form and developed the need to create megaobjective, monumental installations, digital and performing installations.
Currently, my exhibitions are cultural projects that take place on the criterion of "themes", starting from the concept of seriality of the works, such as: "anatomical plans" - the relationship between man, animal and nature; “Megaobjects” - time; the concept of "restoration" - the space / time ratio; material, historical and spiritual memory; human body and human body / art work; the current environmental problem of pollution, the recovery of spiritual values ​​and the balance between the animal body and the human body / work of art - l 'UOMOMUCCA - Cowman of the world.

PORTFOLIO Luminita Taranu:


“Columna mutãtio - LA SPIRALE” - “Columna mutãtio – THE SPIRAL”, Imperial Forums Museum/Trajan’s Markets, Rome – 28 November 2017/18 November 2018. Monumental installation of contemporary art, realized from 2015 to 2017.
Exhibition in autonomy and at the same time contemporary artistic part in the archeological exhibition "Trajan. Building the Empire, creating Europe ". Under the patronage of the Musei in Comune of Roma Capitale, of the Capitoline Cultural Heritage Superintendency of Rome, City Museums, the Zètema Cultura project. Representation project of the Romanian Embassy in Italy, the exhibition has the cultural support of the Embassy of Romania to the Holy See, by the Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research in Venice and with the support of the Romanian Academy in Rome. Catalog published by Palombi Editori. Critical text by Prof. Alberto Dambruoso. Exhibition design by Arch. Pietro Bagli Pennacchiotti. Photographs Sebastiano Luciano.
The installation and the exhibition were made with the collaboration of sponsors and technical sponsors.
During the exhibition he made the technical and artistic agreement "Columna mutãtio - LA SPIRALE - Dall'ideazione alla realizazazione dell'opera d'arte" and collaborated as a referent to the artistic arrangement "L'Antico nel Contemporaneo", organized by the art critic Modern and Contemporary, Professor Honorific at Sapinenza University, Dr. Simonetta Lux and The Dread of the Museum Fori Imperiali - Mercati di Traiano, Dr. Archaeologist Lucrezia Ungaro. He has made 3 artistic / didactic laboratories for students with the collaboration of SERITALIA Live and ART FORUM WÜRTH CAPENA.
Most of my exhibitions have been made in private museums and galleries.


Among the most important personal exhibitions:
2017/2018:“Columna mutãtio – THE SPIRAL”, Imperial Forums Museum/Trajan’s Markets, Rome.
2016: "Metamorphosis", Spazio COMEL Arte Contemporanea, Latina.
2014/2013: "Columna mutātio - Itineraria Picta" - 7 Installations in exhibition "Columna. Arte, Tracciati, Transmedia. Imperial Forums Museum/Trajan’s Markets, Rome. Promoted by Department of Culture of the Municipality of Rome, Superintendent of Cultural Heritage in collaboration with the Arkansas University.
2006: "METHAMORPHOSIS" - THE WORLD IN COLOURS", Academy of Romania in Rome and IRCRU Venice, Palazzo Correr. Curator - critic and journalist of “la Repubblica” daily Mario de Candia. Project design of the exhibition Dr. Architect Pietro Bagli Pennacchiotti. Catalog available.
2004: "METHAMORPHOSIS - EVOCATIONS", paintings, installation and sculpture installed, Palazzo Borghese, Monte Porzio Catone and Academy of Romania in Rome. Text in catalogue by Mario de Candia.
2002: "METAMORPHOSIS - Paths", Museum of Italian Generations of'900 "Giulio Bargellini" (Pieve di Cento, Bologna), text in catalogue by Barbara Martusciello, Arnaldo Romani Brizzi, Federica Di Castro and G. Di Genova. Design exhibition by Arch. Pietro Bagli Pennacchiotti.
2002: "DOPPIO4VERSO", Gallery of Arches, Archaeological Museum Frascati, "Scuderie Aldobrandini", text in catalogue G.Di Genova.Design by Arch. Pietro Bagli Pennacchiotti.
1991: "Paintings and Superslides" - Yanica, Gallery, Rome. Curated by Barbara Martusciello.
1990: "Metamorphosis"- Palazzo Valentini, Roma.
1988 "Triptych”, Centro Luigi Di Sarro, Roma; Galleria Atelier, Carrara; Palazzo Rospigliosi, Zagarolo. Curated by G. Di Genova.
1987: Drawing and lithographs”- Palazzo Rospigliosi, Zagarolo.
1987:Drawing and lithographs” - Palazzo Borghese, Monte Porzio Catone.

Among the most important collective exhibitions:
2019, 2015,2014: International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "XXXXI SULMONA AWARD" - Municipal Diocesan Museum.
2019: "Splash! Un tuffo nell’Eros", International Contemporary Art curated by G. Di Genova,Palazzo Chigi Albani, Soriano nel Cimino (Viterbo).
2018: "A Room All for Self" - Scuderie Aldobrandini Museum- Walls of Valadier, Frascati. Critical text in catalog Eloisa Saldari.
2017:"Dante and the Ancient Rome in the Divine Comedy", Palazzo Aurum, Pescara.Organised by the "Dante's Haus in Abruzzo" Foundation, critical text by Giorgio Di Genova. Catalogue by Ianieri Editions.
2017: "Fragments of Light and Color", ECampus Telematic University, Rome. Curator Cinzia Folcarelli critic.
2015: "Comparison Generations", Palazzo Sforza Cesarini, Genzano (Rome), curator G. Di Genova.
"Art routes in Italy 2015" album curators G. Di Genova and Enzo Le Pera, Rubbettino Editions, and eponymous exhibition, Mitreo Iside Center for Contemporary Art, Rome.
2013:"Women in Dante's Paradise," Palazzo Aurum, Pescara.Organised by the "Dante's Haus in Abruzzo" Foundation, critical text of G.Di Genova. Catalogue Ianieri Editions.
2013: "Pinocchio, story of a puppet", Castle of the Sixteenth Century Caccia Canali, Sant'Oreste. (Rome).
2012: Limen International Art Prize, E. Gagliardi Museum, Vibo Valentia.
TUSCULANI and TUSCULANAE, Municipal Museum Scuderie Aldobrandini, Frascati, all editions: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2005, 2002.
2008:“Venite Adoremus" - curator Stefania Severi, Artist's Churche, Rome.
2004:"LILITH", "Feminine aspect of the creation", Gallery of Modern and Contemporary art "Scuderie Aldobrandini" Museum, Frascati, curator M. L.Trevisan. Participation of Italian Nobel Prize Rita Levi Montalcini.
1995: "Itineraries of art" by Lidia Reghini of Pontremoli.
1991:"CONTINUITY OF PLURALISM", curator Arnaldo Romani Brizzi, Palazzo degli Alessandri, Viterbo.
1991:"ARTAE", curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, critic of modern and contemporary art, Zona Congressi, Ferrara; "Deconsecrated Church", Milano, "Circolo degli Artisti", Rome.
Triennial International of Sacred Art - Castello Trecentesco - Celano, curator G. Di Genova.
"Ex Libris "Gabrielle D'Annunzio 1988, Persacara.