Oleh Lunov

Oleh Lunov

Kyiv, kievskaya, Ukraine

About Oleh Lunov

Oleh Lunov was born in Kyiv in 1973. He studied at Art Secondary School and then at the National Art Academy. He pays homage to Viktor Zaretskyi as his peer educator having conveyed to him respect and passion for his métier. Since 1992, Oleg’s works have been exhibited in one-man and group projects both in and outside Ukraine (e.g. Yerevan Art Biennale, one-person exhibitions in Madeira, Rouen, Liege, etc.). He joined the National Union of Artist of Ukraine in 2000.
Oleg Luniov’s creative work is an auspicious array of genres and techniques. He is constantly experimenting with form, colour, size, format, while being always true only to his passion to what he represents. Combinations, as smooth painting and contrasting facture elements, large local areas and thoroughly sketched details, vibrant colours and monochromaticism can be called his hallmark. Having mastered numerous painting techniques enables him borrowing one technique components into another. So his exhibition attendees would never know what to expect. But whatever the artist’s creative exploration would be, his paintings remain recognizable. Variety made integral by the unique vision begets an extraordinary world, the exquisite and beautiful world of Oleg Luniov, the Artist.
Oleg’s works are represented in true connoisseurs’ private collections both in and outside Ukraine, e.g. in Belgium, Italy, UAE, France, Japan, USA, etc.


1984 – 1991 Art Secondary School
1991 – 1997 National Art Academy
1997 till nowadays Senior chief scenographer at the Kyiv Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy. Developed stage designs for more than 50 plays, including winners of the Kyiv Pectoral festival.
2002 – till present a member of the Ukrainian Union of Artists


I begin work with new project, which I plan to show at the end of 2020- beginning of 2021.
It will be a new abstract project, in the continue of the "Golden Rush", as well as parallel work with nude in an abstract environment.


2009 - personal exhibition ''Winter'' at Irena's gallery
2010 - personal exhibition ''Live Paitning'' at Irena's gallery
2013 - personal exhibition ''What Should Do Actresses If Musicians Don’t Like them?'' at Lavra's Gallery
2014 - personal exhibition ''FreeUkrainka'' ArtEGO Gallery
2015 - in collaboration with the artist Anna Kravchenko exhibition ''Duet'' at ArtEGO Gallery
2016 - personal exhibition ''Golden MAdel's'' at Art:Ego Gallery
2017 - personal exhibition at The National Union of Ukrainian Artists
2019 - personal exhibition ''Golden Rush'' at The National Union of Ukrainian Artists