Matthias Lupri

Matthias Lupri

Boston, MA, United States

About Matthias Lupri Artist Statement: -

Matthias has been working within the arts all his life in various aspects. The goal is to integrate painting, music, film, photography, and narrative cohesively, while drawing from life, dreams, symbols, myth, philosophy and psychology.

Born in Germany 1964, he grew up in the wilds of Alberta, Canada with a wonderstuck fascination of nature, flight, arts, and mythical dreams. "In a general reflection on my art and life, I feel that the unconscious and conscious landscape hemispheres collide creating positive and negative tension within our lives. The unconscious has an existence of time immemorial within our myth, while our conscious life ego awakes daily to a fresh new day. So I question; How do we exist through these our entire lives, shaping us toward the past, present and future as one totality? In which way does the essence of it all give meaning to who we are and contribute to our interactions with each other, our earth and universe?

It has been a lifelong search and journey revealing my art through these philosophical and psychological constructs. Art that coexists and works in conjunction with these constructs and with each other: painting, music, poetry, photography, film and narrative. The landscape hemispheres and archetypes create new paths to follow and show themselves as personal empirical motifs within the art abstractly. They prove to be part of the memory, dream, reflection symbiosis.

It is all much a mystery and interesting pursuit."


The Road
Mount Royal


Gallery 67
SOLO SHOW on going
67 Chestnut St , Beacon Hill Boston
Open weekdays 10am-5pm or by appointment 617-767-8557.

"On going shows"
Switch Gallery, Hyde Park, Ma


Oct 2-31 Canvas Fine Arts Gallery SOLO show SoWa, Boston, MA
Sept 3 - 23 Gallery 444 - Solo Show, Provincetown, Ma
June 24 - Aug 25 Gallery 444 - Solo Show, Provincetown, Ma
May 14 - July 30 Kathryn Schultz Gallery CAA NATIONAL PRIZE SHOW
March 12 - May 7 PAC Mill Gallery Pawtucket RI 02860
Jan 7-Feb 1 Harvard Sq. Univ Gallery - Group show
Dec 27-Feb 7 Square Root Gallery - Group show Roslindale, Ma
Sept - Dec. Masterpiece Gallery - 1 Design Center Boston, Ma
Nov 26 Liberty Hotel POP up Solo Show Boston, MA
Oct 1-27 Canvas Fine Arts Gallery SOLO show SoWa, Boston, MA
September Group show - Harvard Sq. University Gallery
Sept18-24 GALLERY 444 Solo show Provincetown, MA
Aug 14 - 20 GALLERY 444 Solo show Provincetown, MA
June 12-18. Gallery 444. SOLO SHOW Provincetown, Ma
Jan 8 - Feb 2 Harvard University Gallery, Cambridge , Ma
Nov 24 - Jan 4 The Wall Gallery. SOLO SHOW Norwood, MA
Jan 1 - Sept 4 Sitka Gallery, Fitchburg, Ma
Oct - March IL Decor solo show 10 St James Ave, Boston, Ma.
Aug-Oct Gallery 67 Chestnut St, Boston, Ma
June 14-20 Gallery 444 SOLO SHOW - Provincetown, Ma
​Jan-March Liquid Art House Gallery Boston2017
Nov 12&13 11am-5pm MotherBrook Art Studios Dedham, MA
Oct 5&6 9-5pm Masterpiece Gallery, Design Center Boston
Sept 22-27 Gallery Voyeur, Provincetown, Ma SOLO SHOW
Sept 15-20 Gallery Voyeur, Provincetown, Ma CFA Group SHOW
Aug 1-7 Distillery Gallery Boston , Wednesday Aug 3 Reception, 5:30-7pm
June 9-14 2016, Gallery Voyeur, Provincetown, Ma SOLO SHOW
April 9-May 6 2016 Warwick, RI Museum 3259 Post Rd, Party April 13 6pm
April 7 2016 - 580 Harrison Ave Gallery Boston Party 4-7pm
March 22, 2016 LIberty Hotel Boston 6-8pm Solo show
Nov-June 2016 - 580 Harrison Ave Gallery Boston,
Sept-Oct 2015 - M2L 543 Albany Street - Boston
July -August 2015 - Strand Theater - Boston
April to Dec 2015 - Stephanie Saunders Gallery - 432 Stuart St Boston
Dec 7 2014 12-4pm Artist Reception Thos. Moser, 19 Arlington St Boston
Dec 4-Jan 16 2015 Harvard University Place Gallery: 124 Mt. Auburn St.
Nov 1-30 2014 350 Harrison Ave - Loft Show
Oct 2014 to Dec 2015 Thos. Moser, 19 Arlington St Boston
Oct 1-31 2014 Cary Memorial Library, Lexington, Ma
July 9-26 WGBH Fine Art Auction, Alston, Ma
July 8- Sept 29 Harvard University Place Gallery: 124 Mt. Auburn St.
May 22/14 to July 2017 Masterpiece Gallery Design Center Boston
May 13 to May 31 2015 - City Hall Boston
May 1- May 24 - BNN studios
April 9 Neiman Marcus Opening Party
March 15-June 30 2014 Neiman Marcus Show Boston
Jan 21 2014 6-8:30pm Liberty Hotel Boston SOLO Show
Jan 3 2014, Canvas Arts Group Show, Harrison Ave Boston
Dec 2 2013 6-7pm - BNN TV Interview Art Around Town
Nov 25-Jan 10 2013 Menino Arts Center Show, Hyde Park
Nov 7, 6-8pm OPENING RECEPTION Tierney Realty Group
Oct 2 - DEC 31 Tierney Realty Group Hyde Park SOLO show
Sept 29 2013 Hyde Park Open Studios