Nevena Niagolova

Nevena Niagolova


About Nevena Niagolova

Nevena Niagolova is an artist and designer working with a variety of mediums. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, she now resides in Toronto.

Starting with drawing and painting lessons at the age of ten she continued her studies in the National Fine Arts School in Sofia. Since, she has received her BDes in graphic design from OCADU, has studied interaction design at the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab, and has finished her Masters of Architecture in University of Toronto.

After Niagolova’s classical training, she developed an interest in abstract art and interactivity, and in particular the internal conversations a work of art could trigger with a viewer. Her work focuses on the pure expression of emotions, fascinations, influences and the like, gathered through her experiences of the world—a way of an emotional release. In the case of her paintings—they are spontaneous bursts of energy with a dynamic, high contrast relationships; whether explosive or calm—there is always a purpose and balance. Though constantly evolving, there is a sense of determined exploration through intuition and excitement.



University of Toronto '13
CFC Media Lab '09
OCAD Florence '08
OCAD '06


2020 The Artist Project 2020, Toronto, Canada: Feb.20-23rd, Living Better Center, Toronto, ON, Canada.


2020 The Artist Project 2020, Toronto, Canada
2019 The Artist Project 2019, Toronto, Canada
2018 Momentary Bursts, Solo Exhibition, The Toronto Heliconian Club,
Toronto, Canada
2018 Salon Exhibit, The Toronto Heliconian Club,
Toronto, Canada
2018 The Artist Project 2018, Toronto, Canada
2017 Messy Excitements, Solo Exhibition, Gramophone Club, Sofia, Bulgaria
2017 The Artist Project 2017, Toronto, Canada
2015 Toronto Outdoor Exhibition, Toronto, Canada
2010 Solo Exhibition at Hot Soup, Labspace Studio, Toronto, Canada
2009 Found Wanting, CFC Media Lab, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche,
Toronto, Canada
2007 Monosaic, Labspace Studio, Toronto, Canada
2007 Night of the Living Artists, Florence, Italy
2007 Manifestation for Art in Malmo, Malmo, Sweden
2006 Montorontreal, Methinks Presents, Toronto, Canada