Marija Kotevska

Marija Kotevska

Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia

About Marija Kotevska

When choosing a career path, I was torn between pursuing science or art. I chose art, but I remain fascinated with science, particularly the mysteries of the universe. So my paintings have a tendency to explore the properties of energy - what it would look like if we could see it? The exploration begins with water because it is the most tangible form of energy and we can see it, and then moves to music, because it is less tangible, but still has a specific, recognizable, audible structure.... We will see where the exploration will go next, but "music" is still in process.


Cooper Union Pre-Collegiate Program, New York, NY 1996
Art Institute of Boston, BFA Fine Arts, Boston, MA 1996-97
School of Visual Arts, BFA Fine Arts/sculpture, New York, NY 1997-99
Faculty of Arts, Belgrade, BFA painting, Belgrade, Serbia 2005-2008


various group shows in Belgrade, Serbia