Gabriella Makhult

Gabriella Makhult

Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal

About Gabriella Makhult

„It’s not the picture that’s important, but the so-called meditative state in which it’s created. When the essence is obvious, when there is not good and bad, nor nice and ugly, when nothing really matters, or it does after all. And this is still not the thing… “
These ink-paintings are impressions about a subject, like an inner journey.
When I paint, it mostly happens on the spot, not in a studio. Sitting on a rock, beside the ocean, in the forest, on a field, in sunshine, or rain, even when it is freezing…everything happens spontaneous.
I always paint many pictures on one subject, it is a long process while one can fall into a state of quietness- it is similar to a meditation. At first you know how it used to be, trying to be easy, simple. It doesn’t work, so secondly you try to be precise, observing every little detail. It is boring, but nearer to the subject. The point is getting clearer and clearer. Then your focus is not any more on the subject , but on the point what you want to visualize. Getting better. And finally, there is what you wanted. All the previous attempts go to the bin. After all these, the real work starts…when you can do anything, because you are not there any more, looking anywhere, there is the essence, the painting is doing itself, you can have a rest.
That is how it happens, behind every chosen picture there are many cast attempts.


Was born in Budapest, currently living in south-Portugal

2000-2005 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts,
2004 Scolarship „Erasmus” to the Netherlands, Maastricht
2005 Degree in printmaking graphics
2007 Grant of the Foundation „Kajári”

As an artist, I make ink-drawings, which are called landscape-calligraphies. Sometimes I also work in colour, most water-based paints. (Besides I am an illustrator, make linocuts, puppet-theaters, paper-sculptures, special books, wood-works, and many kind of experimental artwork.)

Usually I work on paper, with chinese paintbrush and ink. In spite of these, the pictures have not much connection with chinese ink-drawings. My works represent trivial details, pieces of landscapes, well-known objects. The way of drawing might be common.


exhibition with Reka Somogyi in Budapest, Patyolat


2019- Group Exhibition Aljezur, Portugal
2018- Nemzeti Hal, Nyitott Műhely Budapest
2017-„Budapest 100”
2017-Patyolat, Budapest
2016-Kisüzem Budapest
2016-IF Cafe Budapest
2016-Mediawave Komárom
2016-Győr TownMuseum
2015-Kisüzem, Budapest
2015-Mediawave fesztivál, Komárom
2014-PepperArt Project Bp
2013-Theater of Dunaújváros
2009 Club Kossuth, Budapest
2007 Theater Szkéné, Budapest
2007-Bologna Children’s Book Fair
2005 Festival Mediawave, Győr

2012- Autumn Exhibition of Vásárhely
2010-2012 Exhibitions of the Gallery Jászi, Budapest
2011 Pepper Art Project, Budapest
2007 Children’s Book Fair, Bologna

2008-Az aranyhalacska -kamishibai (Csimota, Editions Callicephale Fr)
2009-Hófehérke (Csimota, Editions Callicephale, Fr)
2010-Circus Maximus (Csimota Editions Callicephale, Fr)
2011-Lackfi János:Karácsonyi vándorok (Móra)
2012- Calendar Miss 2013, Cerkabella
2013-Macskamesék, Borsos Gyöngyi, General Press
2014-Mi, banditáék I.-II. Siri Kolu, Móra
2015-A lány aki nem beszélt, Tóth Krisztina, Móra
2016- Indian tales, Móra

Puppet theaters, etc:
2017-Hungarian Folk-tale Company, Budapest
2014-„The sky-high tree”-puppet theater of woodplate
2013-puppet theater „Kormos mesék” to Nagyvárad
2008 The sad princess, Puppet Theater „BábAkalács”
2003 János Vitéz for Gábor Boka’s travelling theater