Mano Davar

Mano Davar

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

About Mano Davar

Welcome to my gallery, I hope you enjoy my work. I am a professional photographer with a background in graphic design, photo editing and layout for magazines. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Photography to me is like most other means of expression, something very personal and individual. What drives me is the desire to capture and register a moment I find beautiful or interesting and that I know I will never be able to revisit.

To capture beauty you can travel the world to far and exotic places and as you will find from my photographs that is one of my passions in life. However, some of my personal favorite photographs are taken just around the corner from my home or at the local flea market.

Beauty is all around us, if we are open to see it, and a great photograph is usually just about looking at things with new eyes or from a different angle.

In my Art Print gallery I have gathered a selection of my photos from near and far, from the rooftops outside my window to the flashing lights of New York City and everything in between.

There are over seven billion people on this planet and amongst us many different opinions of what is perceived to be beautiful or interesting.

I hope some of my work will be to your liking. Please visit my contact page for any enquiries.


Image communication from the University of Jönköping - Sweden.
Image editing from the University of Jönköping - Sweden


Photographed many events across the world including the X-Factor, corporate events and celebrations. Won a national wide photo competition in Sweden, aired on several national TV channels had arranged.


Photo and art exhibitions in various galleries in Stockholm - Sweden including
Gallery Alex Wiberg & Gallery Partout.
As a result, photos and art included and featured in several events, shows, press and major media.