Marit Otto

Marit Otto

Zwolle, Overijssel, Netherlands

About Marit Otto

About me
I have been working as an independent visual artist since 1994. My studio is located in Zwolle at communal building for music, performance, arts & crafts @ Rieteweg 10, Zwolle, Overijssel, the Netherlands.
I am rooted in the graphic industry but over time I have developed into a multi-disciplinary artist.

About my work
A distinctive feature in my work is the human body & personality in al its shapes, forms and behavioural aspects. My art is often a personal reflection of social issues and current affairs. Daily scenes, platitudes and the absurdities of human behaviour also inspire me. Although my art is highly aesthetical it also contains distressing elements that evoke a feeling of uneasiness. This contradiction is a recurring theme in my artwork. Do you really see what is shown? What lies underneath? Thematically it could be looked upon as a search to the core of being.

My graphic background is still present as the images I create are attractive, smooth and somewhat polished at first sight. On second sight the controversy is revealed. My aim is to portray human nature, stripped of pretence or behind the surface. The created images often touch upon the edge of fiction and fact.

To me, innovation is not a purpose in itself but the result of progressive insight and the need to stretch and push my own boundaries.
Currently my work seems a mixture between strange architectural environments and floating, displaced and/or disconnected creatures.

Besides next to my work as an independent artist, I create and participate in community art projects and educational art projects. I also designs for non-profit organizations, private clients and commercial companies. Last but not least I am a participating member of the visual arts committee in Zwolle.
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HKU/Kunstenlab -certified artist coach for entrepreneurs and corporations-2012
BIK- Proffessional Artist in Class- 2004
Various courses @ Kunstenaars & Co Amsterdam 2000>2005
EPO- (HBO) Electronic publish operator - 1994
MBO- Fashion and Graphic design - 1990


2018 art assignement & project Klimaat Madonna, Zwolle
2017 Life action artmaking @ Jamshak event, Artspace Langhuis, Zwolle
2015 Founder sustainable artproject Takemebag
2014 Founder Artwearness
2014 Art project Wasted city/ Architecture Biennale Zwolle
2012/13 Founder and Curator theme exhibition ‘In kritieke Staat’ at the Kunstenlab, Deventer. (NL)
2010 Curator exhibition ‘ Groeten uit Deventer’ at the Kunstenlab in assignement of VBK (Visual Arts Association)
2006 Head of project and guest curator for exhibition ‘Bling it On’ at the Metropolitan Museum Zwolle. NL
2009 Mind Your Steps concept, achievement and presentation large interactive instalation for 64th aniversary of 5th may (cellebration) festival in Zwolle


2021 Keerzijde van de vrijheid - group exhibition- Galerie de Ploegh, Amersfoort
2020 Zielenroerselen van de kunstenaar -Group- Rietveldpaviljoen Amersfoort
2019 Nasty Woman- group exhibition- De Balie Amsterdam
2019 25x25x25- groep expo- Mondriaanhuis Amersfoort
2019 Nieuwe Leden expo- Galerie de Ploegh Amersfoort
2019 Pop Up Museum Zwolle
2019 Kunstschouw Renesse, Zeeland
2017 Solo exhibition 'Excess For all' @ Galerie Verzantvoort, Apeldoorn, Nl
2017 Asian Teaser Tour - Hong Kong
2017 sculpture Blou Blauw @ Stadkamer Zwolle
2017 Art collaboration with Harley Davelaar (sculptor) @ Jamshak event @Langhuis, Zwolle
2017 Solo exhibition Grand Cafe Public Zwolle
2016 Group exhibition Museum Amsterdam, Shakespeare Club. (Genderama)
2016 Solo exhibition Cafe Eilders, Amsterdam
2015 Group exhibition Landschap In Mijn Hoofd, Hengelo
2015 Group exhibition ‘ Feest van de Geest’ in het Dominican convent, Zwolle
2014 Group exhibition ‘State of The Arts’ Stedelijk Museum Zwolle
2014 Online Artstore Made in Zwolle.
2013 Duo exhibtion at 19 het Atelier architects, Zwolle (NL)
2012 St Jans Dal Ziekenhuis Hardenwijk (NL)
2012 Solo exhibition Faculty of Law, Leiden.(NL)
2011 In stock at Focus op kunst’ Zwolle, (NL)
2011 Duo Exhibition ‘Ego Display’ with sculpturer Thijs Kwakernaak at artcentre 'Arte Presente', Zwolle, (NL)
2010 Solo exhibition at KCO Zwolle. (NL)
2010 Duo exhibition ‘Oneven’ at restaurant Even Zwolle
2009- Group exhibition: Krijtstreep & Canvas In Zwolle. NL (Crayon & Canvas)