Marc Bourgeois

Marc Bourgeois

Montreal, QC, Canada

About Marc Bourgeois

My photographs come from my past experience as a painter and a more recent practice in commercial photography.

Photographs live on the viewer's belief that what they show is real and invite him to immerse in their world. On the other hand, the textures in expressionist paintings make one want to touch the surface and the matter, paint, that is on it. I like that an image pulls you in and keeps you out at the same time. Like a pigeon hitting a window.

In my Reflections series, colors, liquid, paint splatters distort, liquefy and bend photographed human shapes and man made textures to set the table for a precarious and ephemeral balance.


A.E.C. in commercial photography, Collège Marsan, 2014

Bachelor's degree in visual arts and media, Université du Québec à Montréal, 2008


Reflections, Le Livart, Montreal, 2018

States of Art, Leeds (UK), 2007