Marco Ciccarese

Marco Ciccarese

Bari, Puglia, Italy

About Marco Ciccarese

Marco Ciccarese was born on November 4th 1979 in Bari (Italy). He divides his childhood between the hometown and the coasts of Salento immediately showing a brilliant attitude to observation and drawing. Growing up, art has always accompanied him.

From music to painting, from writing to photography. He will always avoid studies and artistic academies.

Lives a career in the world of marketing and advertising. Something shakes him at a ripe age. The call of the art becomes urgent and obsessive. Abandon the figuration to follow an abstract and introspective path in search of answers on the capacity of the human being to look inside in a chaotic and distracted era. Develops experimental and provocative techniques to convey the key concepts of his artistic profile.

See the depths of the human soul and embrace the Japanese philosophy of wabisabi which enhances the beauty of imperfection and impermanence.

Describes the depths of the human soul through a personal and new form of abstract expressionism. He lives his art a constant stream of research and experimentation. Create magical and stimulating works. Extreme textures, alchemy and strong contrasts. New universes to discover, caressing the complex surfaces of his works. At the limit with sculpture he paints in a fragile balance on the breaking point of art.

It expresses its visions through vivid colors or total and essential tones to enhance the action of light on the surface of the picture. He understands that his works must create engaging experiences on multiple levels of communication up to grasp the deep soul of the observer. He can.

The Croste series leaves you breathless and every painting lives with a never ending story of mutations. You can't remember them. You cannot store the infinite world created on canvas by Ciccarese. It will always amaze you even after years.

Everything comes from an elaborate pictorial process in which each ingredient is treated and transformed to constitute a precise and careful material premise. A violent but controlled dance distributes the material in a multitude of levels that represent a true anthological narration of emotions evoked by Ciccarese in a state of hallucinated meditation. He knows when to stop. The work looks like a colorful swamp. It will evolve during drying weeks to become that omen that Ciccarese saw in the dark of the senses. Where no one had the courage to enter.


Marketing director. I learned from life on the road. Stopping and starting again. Along a difficult path that challenges me every day. I've never liked the academies. I don't want to look like anyone. When you look at one of my paintings you have to think of a soul turned like a glove and slammed onto a canvas. Find your reading. An interpretation if you want. I want to surprise you because in this age we have forgotten the universe within us.


2020 Vernissage Life in Color - Santa Teresa dei Maschi - Bari, Italy

2019 Vernissage Palazzo Fornari (Cerignola, Italy).

2019 Notti Sacre D'Arte (Bari, Italy).

2019 Vernissage Contraccademia - Borgo Antico (Bari - Italy).

2018 - 2019 Bibart Biennale (Italy) - Winner Informal Painting Prize.


2020 Life in Color - Santa Teresa dei Maschi - Bari, Italy

2019 Burned Exhibition - Palazzo De Gregorio (Orsara di Puglia, FG, Italy).

2019 Palazzo Fornari (Cerignola, Italy).

2019 Santa Teresa dei Maschi (Bari, Italy).

2019 Church of the Addolorata (Casamassima, Italy).

2019 Notti Sacre D'Arte (Bari, Italy).

2019 Croste Series On The Road (Casamassima, Italy).

2019 Permanent Exhibition in Borgo Antico (Bari, Italy).

2019 Collective Exhibition in Santa Teresa dei Maschi (Bari, Italy).

2019 Collective Exhibition with masters of Italian Neorealism: Guttuso, Guerricchio, Bibó (Italy).

2018 - 2019 Bibart Biennale (Italy) - Winner Informal Painting Prize.