Marek Jerzy Nowakowski

Marek Jerzy Nowakowski

Nowy Tomyśl, wielkopolska, Poland

About Marek Jerzy Nowakowski

I have been working with sculpture for 35 years, it always enjoy me. I understand sculpture on a classic way, something between Michaelo Angelo and Henry Moor. My favorite material is bronze because of its durability and immutability. With light hand I can give guarantees for 2000 years. Because of sculptors we know how people look like in Antiquity. There is some true in it that sculptors give immortality.
Maybe for modern people it does not matter anymore, but it is worth having the awareness that a sculpture passing from generation to generation, in the context of a family, builds awareness of continuity and tradition.
I work with lost wax technology and I cast in bronze on my own.


Absolvent of Academy of Fine Arts Poznań, Poland, in Sculpture Departament 1986-1991.
Diploma under prof. Józef Kopczyński in 1993.


1996 - realization of the altar for the church
in Świecie (near Bydgoszcz) -
Participatiopn with Michał Kubiak
1998 - realization of commemorating plate -
- bas-relief of bronze for Nowe Kramsko
1999 - realization of Fryderik Chopin's statue (bust)
in Nowy Tomyśl
2002 - Exhibition of Painting, Dawing, Graphic and
Sculpture Gdańsk 2002 - Distinguish of
Association of Promotion of Artists’s
of Strands Era Art for works “Torso II”
and “Foots”


1993 - graduation exhibition “Cage" - Ewa Polony Gallery
in Poznań
1993/6 - exhibitions in“Flik" Gallery
in Warsaw
1997 - Sculpture Salon - Spring 1997 in Warsaw -
silver medal for sculpture “Face to Earth”
2001 - individual exhibition in Berliner Botanic
Museum - “Masks & Bats”
2001 - A Week of Polish Culture in Berlin -
- Masks & Bats”

2005 – exhibition – Dania/Zelandia

2006 – exhibition- Painen Gallery in Berlin
2007 – 2015 - Gallery of the Glory of Polish Economy – portraits of Polish economists.