Margje Bijl

Margje Bijl

Den Haag, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

About Margje Bijl

I was given a photograph of the Pre-Raphaelite muse Jane Morris and at first glance thought I was looking at myself. Intrigued by our resemblances, I became curious about the woman behind the image. Using self-portraits, I created a role for myself, to complement and modernise her persona.

The pencil drawings of Jane's hairstyles have been transformed into leading a life of their own in these new drawings. They reach into the depths of drawing itself. The portraits still show traces of thoughts and stories. In the detail of skin and hair lie labyrinthine landscapes in which the viewer can get lost. The muse gradually disappears from the image and leaves room for other, new stories. New, but anchored in the search for the doppelganger, to the self, to the other. They invite you to look the detail and think about what you can read in it.


Graduated at the Writers' Academy, 2018
Graduated at ‘Koninklijke Academie Beeldende Kunsten’ in Den Haag, 2001.
Also studied at ‘Academie Kunst Industrie’ in Enschede.
Disciplines: photograpy, fine art, drawing and painting.


I was nominated for the 'van Ommeren de Voogt prize 2018' and awarded with an exhibition in Pulchri. The article is in Dutch.

Lone Wolf magazine featured an editorial called 'The Silent Muse' about my work in their issue #12.
Read the PDF here:


Pulchri, drawings till 11 April 2021

Coming up:
Beverley Art Gallery, UK, Autumn 2022
solo Jane Morris Museum

Pre-Raphaelite Sisters Conference, York, 12 & 13 December 2019