Małgorzata Różycka

Małgorzata Różycka

Warsaw / Serock, Mazowieckie, Poland

About Małgorzata Różycka

I mostly paint still life. In these paintings mostly dominate humble, common, sometimes heavily worn–out things. I present plain, everyday and simple objects – glass bottles, faience plates, tin spoons, porcelain bowls… etc. I use raw form, cleaned of all ornamentation and embellishments, characterized by analytical observation. Portrayed simplicity demonstrates the continuous quest for perfection.
Still life is like a theatrical performance – presentation of the dishes and cutlery, subtly played on a large tabletop. I group them, then again, I set them wide apart, like the characters on the stage. To the usual muted narrative composition of realistic elements, I suddenly introduce stronger accent. This is usually the mysterious object, painted as completely flat color patch. This kind of treatment is both an element of surprise, and which additionally enhances the composition.
Poverty of items is accompanied by asceticism in the application of color. I use a limited palette of white, gray, ocher and black. The color remains refined and ascetic, it serves to illustrate space and illusion. However, the one selected tone conceals a whole range of shades, always with a uniform intensity to give images an expression of peace and tranquility inducing a prolonged contemplation.
In my search I deliberately select its predecessors in the history of art. It is easy to identify them because there are not many. Sources of inspiration are primarily Giorgio Morandi (1890–1964), Janusz Kaczmarski (1931–2009) and Henk Helmantel (1945).
For me personally, the resulting image is a kind of life form that develops slowly, gradually, exists, although its life is solely dependent on its creator. The artist makes the canvas to come alive, becomes full, takes a certain color and shape. In my paintings, I tried to breathe as much life as possible, bring them to my chosen form of what is often a long process.
Personally, I spend a lot of time to be with my paintings, I have the pleasure that I live with them and work with them. For me they are normal components of everyday life, everyday objects, without which I would not be able to function normally. Artistic work for me is extremely important, that from the very beginning, from the first marked line on the canvas, I build a picture by myself, without help, piece by piece, from the smallest detail. To my work I approach heavily emotionally and I give huge affection to each my own paintings.
Real objects, most ordinary, each of which is used several times during a day has become an inspiration for me to further their studies. When someone sees one of my paintings without thinking they can name what is painted on them – a coffee grinder, coat, hat, bottle or spoon. There is only the sophisticated simplicity of the subject as he is in reality. Composition simplified and synthetic. In addition, they dominate by being static and thus there is some hidden dignity in them. I believe that the ordered world would be more beautiful, for this reason also my paintings look the way they do. My goal was to give them certain qualities of excellence. Above all I wanted to be consistent in this, what I strive for many years, and it is not drowned professionalism. It is a serious and intellectual intention which I have deliberately used. I realize that many people may accuse me coldness and self–serving, this due to the fact that the paintings have been eagerly and with great sensitivity.
In addition, I like to deal with applied graphics – linocut, drypoint, etching, aquatint, photography, drawing and sculpture. In my free time I make a time – lapse animation, found footage, collages and works of handicrafts – greeting cards, wreaths, natural soaps, posters and illustration. I paint still life, nudes, landscapes, figures in the interior, as well as abstract paintings.
Art is my life, a way of free time, but above all, passion.


I am a graduate of Marcelina RościszewskaArt School named with profile of education visual advert and after that I finished Art Education with an Art Therapy specialty at The Maria Grzegorzewska University. I received a diploma with honors with a help from my promoter professor Grzegorz Mroczkowski. I defended my master’s degree doing graduate work in painting entitled “Between realism and abstraction - a series of still life” and also theoretical work entitled “Between Morandi and Helmantel - reflections on still life” under the guidance of Dr. Magdalena Janota – Bzowska.