Maria-Grazia Surace

Maria-Grazia Surace

Strasbourg, Alsace, France

About Maria-Grazia Surace

Italian painter and sculptor, I currently live and work in France in Strasbourg; I have exhibited at major European contemporary art fairs and work to order.
I was born in Turin in the Piedmont region of Italy. I studied Fine Art and Architecture. I worked for several years as an architect in the field of geographic information systems for land use planning. In parallel I pursued my artistic approach. My first exhibition was in 1970, I was 17 years old.
In 1997 I moved to Strasbourg (France) and devoted myself entirely to my artistic work. Since then, my work has been shown in several contemporary art fair in Europe.
I have always preferred working on and around the human subject. As I always found myself fascinated by the art of comics, due to its direct and effective language, it influenced my work rather inconspicuously, and imposed itself on me. One day, as I contemplated what to do with a piece of steatite, the figure of a seemingly conventional man, most often evolving in an urban environment, thus began to emerge. It populated a dozen of my sculptures, be it in terracotta or in bronze, and then in painting. This figure is trivial, a neutral character, a certain ‘Mister Nobody’, undifferentiated and anonymous, who, wearing his hat, moves with a hurried step to an unknown destination, dragging with him a suitcase of mysterious contents. Those travellers, pressed or overwhelmed, almost always alone, become, in the paintings, decomposed rows or particles that move and collide.
I make my own canvases: I sometimes add wires, paper, chalk or sand or wax to the background preparation to create something more interesting than a smooth surface.
My works do not necessarily require a frame. The edges are well groomed: nails and braces are on the back.


In Italy:
Liceo Artistico - Torino
Accademia di Belle Arti - Torino
Politecnico, Facoltà di Architettura - Torino


Pinacoteca of Rittana - public collection (Cuneo, Italy) acquired "Businessman monument" - Catalog for sale
Quai aux arts - île Malraux - Strasbourg
Agrumail: Mail art event in Cannero Riviera, Verbania, Italy
2017 - 2015
Forum Art Contemporain, Forum de l'Ill - Illkirch - Strasbourg
Exposition collective d'artistes, Halle du Pigeon club - Illkirch - Strasbourg
Galerie Palma Arte - Alseno (Piacenza)

Galerie Audet – Colmar
Galerie LaPaix - Sélestat

Château de Bougey, France
Galerie Palma Arte:
The Affordable Art Fair Milano
The Affordable Art Fair Brussels
The Affordable Art Fair Stockholm
The Affordable Art fair Amsterdam
The Affordable Art Fair Hamburg
St'Art - Strasbourg

Galerie Palma Arte:
The Affordable Art Fair Milano
The Affordable Art Fair Brussels
The Affordable Art Fair Hamburg
Lille Art Fair
The Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam
St’Art - Strasbourg

Conseil de l’Europe Art Gallery - Strasbourg
Galerie Palma Arte:
The Affordable Art Fair Milano
The Affordable Art Fair Brussels
Lille Art Fair
The Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam
St’Art - Strasbourg
Lineart - Gent

Galerie Palma Arte:
Lineart - Gent Affordable Bruxelles
Open Art Fair Utrecht

Galerie Palma Arte:
Lineart - Gent
Affordable Bruxelles
Open Art Fair Utrecht
St’Art - Strasbourg
Affordable Amsterdam
Salon d’Automne Luxembourg

Galerie Palma Arte:
Salon d’Art Contemporain - Lille
Open Art Fair - Utrecht
Lineart - Gent

Galerie Palma Arte: Karlsruhe (D) Rotterdam
Lineart - Gent Classica Kortrijk (Be)
Art Event Antwerp (Be)
Fair of Fine Art Luxemburg with JMA Gallery

Galleria Palma Arte:
Den Haag
Europart Genève (CH)
Galerie des Talents, Nant (Ch)
Galerie d’ARFI St. Sulpice (CH)

Endingen (D) BÜrgerhause
Lineart - Gent avec Galleria Palma Arte

Endingen (D) BÜrgerhause
Etappenstall Erstein (France)
Galleria Palma Arte - Saliceto di Alseno Italie

Espace Ex-Libro - Strasbourg
Galerie Palma Arte:
St’ Art Strasbourg
Lineart - Gand (Be)
Realisation du bas relief “Passaggi” pour la ville de Susa (Italy)
Dans le cadre de l’évenement « 100 artistes pour une vallée »

2002 – 1999

Correspondant à Strasbourg pour le mensuel
turinois d’art contemporain IRIDE.To (Italy)

Galerie Singer: St ‘Art - Strasbourg
Galerie Lug-Art: Europ’art - Genève (CH)
Art on Paper - Kranj, Slovénie
Galerie Carre Verre - Obernai
Galerie Singer - Erstein
Galerie Brune - Colmar
Galerie Courant d’Art - Mulhouse
BÜrgerhause Endingen (D)

Acquisition de la sculpture « Evoluzione » par le Museo dell’Automobile di Torino (Italy)

Acquisition d’une oeuvre par le Musée de l'Illustration Contemporaine Bronzolo (BZ, Italie)


Art et technologie - Usine Huron - ILLKIRCH Graffenstaden
Galerie Paradoxe - Strasbourg
Espace Culturel AREPO - Torino
Salon d’Automne - Mulhouse
Galerie Singer : St'Art Strasbourg
Salon de Printemps - Colmar

Symposium d'artistes - Verbania
Galerie AREA - Torino

1996 – 1978
Architecte à la Regione Piemonte (Italy)
à la direction du
Service Systèmes d'information géographique

1987 – 1983
Illustrateur freelance (Italy)

1977 – 1976
Professeur d'art plastique et histoire de l'art
Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione (Italy)

Diplomée à la Faculté d'architecture
Ecole Polytecnique de Turin

Accademia di Belle Arti Torino (Italy), corso di pittura

premières expositions

1966 - 1970
Liceo Artistico -Accademia Albertina - Torino