Marie Manon

Marie Manon

Calgary, AB, Canada

About Marie Manon


"My first passion is art, my second, color. I draw inspiration for my work from my emotions and how they are 'stroked' by people, past and present, the beautiful Canadian nature surrounding me, the music found in daily chores and events. Every piece of art is both a struggle and a liberation, sometimes successful, sometimes not. But always pure"

"I paint for the love of it. I get excited when I have an empty canvass before me and a heart filled with emotion, I am truly transfixed when an emotion and a subject matter starts to become alive before me in vivid colors and strong brush strokes. I am uninhibited and honest as I paint showing both my bright and dark side, incorporating hidden nuances and words. Although my paintings are an outlet for my emotions, imagination, and creativity; Lovers of my art often express that these paintings awaken emotions and imaginative thoughts in themselves which soothe depths previously unknown to them. Someone once described my art not as my emotion but all our emotions. That is the truly rewarding side of what I do and why I grab a paint brush or a palette every day."


Marie Manon’s paintings are not for the faint of heart as the viewer will release unexpected emotions from each work of art. She uses large canvases and vivid acrylic paints to create her unique paintings. Her art is rich in texture and color. Her artworks are abstract and expressive, and each canvas is a display of emotions and feelings, both hers and ours. To own a Marie-Manon is to own an explosion of colors and emotions.


Universté du Québec en Outaouais
Red Deer College, Alberta
Robert Burridge - mentorship
Jean Pederson - mentorship
Calgary Art School


Gallery Representation:
Five 3 Gallery – California
Laguna Art – California