Marisu Solis

Marisu Solis

Madrid, Madrid, Spain

About Marisu Solis

I learned to paint with oil, but from 1987 I went to the acrylic, which allowed me a great freedom of work: "At last I did not have to wait a lot of days to dry the red I wanted to put elsewhere." I did not change brushes, the acrylic ones are softer, or cloth, because I still use linen "Velazquez" with what I got as good results as with oil. In recent years I also work on MDF pannel which allows me small texture variations due to the support.

I am also very comfortable with Collages, which I perform in general with papers that I previously painted and cut by recomposing the resulting shapes.

For about 10 years I have also made small sculptures that I made with materials found walking through the countryside, on the beaches of my childhood, with those woods washed and polished by the sea ... I use rusted irons that chance has brought to me. The shapes and textures of the materials tell me what result I want. Volume work is very comforting and emotional.

The role of chance and chaos is reflected in my last works

My landscapes represent states of mind.

With my sculptures I dialogue my perceptions getting to capture in them feelings.

My sculptures are born from my hands.

In the last years in the BBAA school I discovered the color and I never left it, it is true that in seasons the palette is appeased and the grays appear, but in a short time the color again hatch.

I soon discovered the Fauvisms, with whom I identified, the landscapes of Vlamink and especially the portraits of Jawlensky and German Expressionism. With the years absolute admiration for Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, Kandisnsky ... without forgetting my discoveries in Italy of the Renaissance, our great master Velazquez, the light of Sorolla and the multifaceted Fortuny.

Later I discovered Alechinsk for which I have absolute admiration, Esteban Vivente, his painting and his collages and finally the American Abstract Expressionism, where the freedom of work reaches its maximum expression. I stand out among them to Joan Mitchel, De Kooning, Motherwell ...

My works are in private collections in Europe and America.


1973-74 Studies of Drawing and Painting in Avilés.
1975-77 Studies of Drawing and Painting in Madrid, in the workshops of Amadeo Roca and Francisco Merayo in the Chair of Free Painting of the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid.
1977 He entered the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid.
1977-82 Superior Studies of Drawing and Painting in the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando of Madrid.
1982-83 Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, directed by Landscape Professor Martínez Díaz.
1983-84 PhD courses at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid.

My Cuban grandmother was a painter and that helped me at home when I started to draw and paint to prepare the entrance examination at the San Fernando School of Fine Arts in Madrid.

I started my preparation in Avilés with Santarúa where I made my first spots and when I finished high school I went to Madrid to continue preparing the entrance.

In Madrid I attended drawing classes first with Amadeo Roca and later with Francisco Merallo. I also attended Free Painting classes at the BBAA School in San Fernando.

I entered the School in 1977. At school I met my group of friends with whom I shared my formative years. During the school years discovery of freedom in democracy and fantastic personal experiences in the years of the "Movida Madrileña".


Exhibition: Color y Gesto no quiero contar una historia..., AMAGA Gallery, Aviles, Asturias. (Sep-Oct)
Exhibition sculpture CAICOYA Gallery Oviedo (June).
Exhibition at the House of Culture of San Lorenzo del Escorial (May).
Feria ARTE OVIEDO Gallery CAICOYA Sculptures.
Exhibition in "The Florence Conti Studio" Madrid.
Exhibition at MAR Galerie Art de Finestrat, Alicante.
Exhibition at the House of Culture of San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid).
Exhibition at the Nogal Gallery in Oviedo
Exhibition at the EGAM Gallery in Madrid.
Exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Savings Bank of Avilés (Asturias).
III Biennial City of Oviedo.
Torreón de Lozoya (Segovia).
Landscape. School of San Fernando of Madrid.
Sala Bankisur (Oviedo).
House of Culture of Luanco (Asturias).