Marta Lapillo

Marta Lapillo

Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom

About Marta Lapillo

Born in 1988 in Cagliari, Sardinia (IT), Marta Lapillo studied Arts at the "Foiso Fois" High School in Cagliari. Whilst studying at Foiso Fois High School, Marta was absorbed into surrealism with a passion for the work of Frida Kahlo. In May, 2011 Marta moved from Sardinia to UK where she continued her work into surreal subjects.
Emotional, spontaneous and inspired by human behaviour, her paintings contain elements of life combined with her own visual interpretation of the world. Marta Lapillo works independently in oil-on-canvas and wood and is available for commissioned work.


High School Degree in Arts (Liceo Foiso Fois, Cagliari, IT)
Artist Apprenticeship (2 years)


“Il blu come teatro delle realtà surreali”, Soloexhibition, Hancock, Cagliari, Italy, 15th December
WSA summer outdoor exhibition, Mercia Walk, Woking, Surrey, UK, 9th June
WSA autumn outdoor exhibition, Mercia Walk, Woking, Surrey, UK, 15th, 22nd September
Parallax Art Fair, London, UK, 12th -14th October
Happiness Visual Art, 22-26 Farringdon, London, UK, 8th November - 20th December
Showcase Cities, Richmix, London, UK, 21st November