Martin Del Litto

Martin Del Litto

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

About Martin Del Litto

Born in 1977, San Nicolas, Argentina
Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain
Graphic designer, musician and plastic artist

Martin Del Litto has been applying himself to exploring the field of abstraction with an aim to push back the boundaries and multiply different perspectives.
His work moves between abstraction, aesthetics, materic art, sculpture, op art, geometry, minimalism and physics.
His works are a celebration of the physical world, and the visual perception of it.


Graphic design, UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Solo show " Relieves efímeros y Curves" on October 2018 MUTUO art center, Barcelona, Spain
Solo show "Frecuencias" on MARCH 2019 at Calamo Gallery, San Nicolas , Argentina.
Solo Show "Falls" on May 2019 at Cocheres Sants, Gallery , Barcelona , Spain.
Collective show "Gravity" on December 2019 at Haimney Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.