Mariia Chernyshova

Mariia Chernyshova

Saint-Petersburg , Saint-Petersburg , Russia

About Mariia Chernyshova

I'm a painter from Ukraine. Art is the greatest love of my life. Unfortunately my country doesn't give opportunities for developing of painters. That's why now I am studying at St. Petersburg Academy of arts in Russia and I have a dream to become high-skilled painter. I write articles which focuses on comparison painting and literature.

I'm inspired by positive emotions. The sun, the fluffy clouds, the glade filled with light, the light itself are the things from where I draw the ideas of my works. I intend to convey a sense of closeness of a human and nature, to show life which is not burdened by globalization and rapid technological progress. My palette is warm, bright and juicy, because I want to give a viewer a pleasant feeling that life is beautiful in itself, sometimes we need only to rise heads and see the blue sky, breathe fresh air and feel a part of the holistic and incredibly complex system.


2018 - nowadays
Repin Academic Institute of Fine Arts
Easel painting
Associate of Arts

2012 - 2016
Grekov Odessa Art school
Easel painting
Associate of Arts

2012 - 2017
Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University
Odessa, Ukraine
Romance and Germanic philology


March 2017: "We remember Ellada", Greece cultural center, Odessa

February 2017: "Marathon of Fine Arts", IZO art-gallery, Russian Federation, Moscow

May 2016: "Spring Vernisage", Odessa Science-house Ukraine, Odessa