Matt Collier

Matt Collier

London, England, United Kingdom

About Matt Collier

Resistency at DRAWInternational France in 2018. Currently shortlisted for, very large proposal for my "sketchbook murals", a global event. This came from making murals through South America, travelling on land only from 2015 to 2017, creating 1 to 4 murals in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia and Argentina. Learning Spanish.. learning & learning.
I grew up in New Mexico & England -
generally nomadic, always comfortable to move on, I seek out lively discussion, I have learned to make work in transit (research, notes, compositions), with a thirst for literature, to read, to watch, to look; always propositional.


Masters in Fine Art. Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. (Full Leverhulme scholarship & and Kinross to Florence Royal Scottish Academy) 2009.
BA (Hons) Fine Art. Wimbledon College of Art (UCL) London 2004.
Foundation in Art and Design. Bournemouth Institute 2001.


~Murals in South America 2015 to 2017~
Solo shows : 'Precisely Wrong', North Wall Arts Centre South Parade, Oxford.
"'Precisely Wrong' originates from the world of medical and botanical imagery, utilising its visual authority to propose a few problematic or, fantastic alternatives. At times Matt's work is deceptively beautiful as excessive manipulations upon the body intend to liberate. Like the desire of the alchemist to rework fundamental forms into his own magical arrangement- for his own purposes: for control of his destiny. Attempts to unravel the ideals from which they are based, through explorations and exaggerations of various methods of drawing and painting." This exhibition brings together over two years of sustained work."

'The Medical Complication'
Exhibition accompaning artwork in the form of a pseudo-medical pocket book (70 pages, 11 x 17.5 cm) features as a publication of writing and drawings.

'Le Istruzione Mediche'
Three years after the Kinross residency in Florence this exhibition of medically related drawings was presented between the taxidermy section and the famous anatomical wax works museum.
Museo La Specola, via Romana 17, Florence, Italy. 2013.

Awards & Collections:
DRAWInternational residency France 2018. 1 month to make work based upon a fairly epic proposa,working from botanical research in the local area.

Symposia for the Birth Rites Collection (9-11 May '11) Whitechapel Gallery, London and Whitworth Gallery, Manchester. A two day symposia of artists, lecturers and critic discussions.
Birth Rites Collection (Nov '10) Large drawing titled 'Gravid Uterus Twin' entered the Birth Rites Collection.
Kinross Scholarship to Florence (Nov '09 – Jan '10): Funding to study in Florence for three months, with work selected for the Royal Scottish Academy collection on return.
Royal Scottish Academy Collection (Jan '10): A selection of drawings added to the collection on return from Florence.
Leverhulme Scholarship (Sept '07-'09): Full award of maintenance and fees to fund the two year MFA.
'Glasgow Royal Infirmary/Glasgow School of Art Competition' (Sept '08): Runner-up prize (large scale installation for a new wing of the hospital).
'Platform for Art' and its current publication, the ongoing art projects over London undergrounds. The excepted proposal exhibited (January '05 to June '06) across the station.

Exhibition & experience:
DRAWInternational Residency, Caylus, France. Research, theory and practice through drawing for a month (2018).

'Anatomy for Life' two works each year donated to the charity raising organ donation awareness, Brighton.
'The Moment of Privacy Has Passed': Sketchbooks by Artists, Architects and Designers'. (Dec '10 – March '11). Usher Gallery The Collection, Danes Terrace, Lincoln.
'Remasters': (Dec '10) group exhibition by artists re-interpreting a work of a master. Rag Factory, Henege St. (off Brick Lane), London.
'IamONE magazine': Issue 9 (May '10) and 10 (Sept '10) feature my images throughout main articles. Refer to:
'Set It Up And Go': group exhibition (Aug – Sept '09) APS Artnews Projects + Twinspace, Brunnenstrasse Berlin.
Tramway: MFA Degree Show, 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow (June - July '09).
Solo exhibition at The Mews at 269: 'SternoCleidoMastoid'. (July to Aug '09 ). Portobello Road, London.
'Jamie Radcliff': group exhibition SW3, Glasgow ('09).
Glasgow School of Art: Interim shows in the Macintosh and Newbery galle