segrate, lombardia, Italy


Matteo Damiani is a visual artist and filmmaker born in Milan, Italy in 1987; he works with different media, photos, still frames from movies and Internet archive images and videos.
After the act of selection from the Internet flux of images and informations, the photo get material on canvas, where it’s mixed up with colors and heavy paper. The final result is a sort of latent image, fixed on canvas and covered by acrylic painting and papers.

The photography project PERCEPTION:
Pictures in this project are the result of long exposure photography during the projection of different movies. The second as a time unit in cinema is composed
by 24 frames, in this time this process create a new image, in wich different scenes enter in
the others, the characters interact in a space and time that is in a limbo between cinema and photography.
There is no digital postproduction, no photoshop and overlay, the images are made with long
exposure time of the camera during the projection of the movie.


- Brera High school of Arts
- New media, cinema and communication: IULM University
- Master in Photography and Visual arts at NABA University in Milan


February 2017: CDM, Buenos Aires. Personal exhibition "Prologo".
June 2016: Mario Giusti HQ, Milano. Exhibition “Ce n’est q’un debut…”. Article of the show on Mediaset TGcom. Film on show:“Dig through time”
September/October 2015: MOSTRAMI FACTORY -Milan. Exhibition “Gea, it’s a woman’s world”.
June- July 2015: MOSTRAMI FACTORY – Milan. ” La memoria nutre il pianeta”, Project in show “Back to basics”.
June-September 2013: FONDAZIONE FORMA – Milano. “Trompe l’oeil” photography exhibition curated by Francesco Zanot.
December 2011- March 2012: “BIENNALE di Venezia arte giovani 2011” – Milano Gallerie del Duomo, collective exhibition.
December 2010: Personal exhibition “IBRIDI” – Segrate (Milano), with the sponsor of “City of Segrate”.
May 2010: Personal exhibition “IBRIDI” (Hybrids). Gallery Bonjour Garibaldi – Milan.
June-November 2009: BIENNALE DI VENEZIA ” L’anima dell’acqua- contempary art” collective exhibition in Venice at Palazzo Ca’ D’oro. Name of the project: “Water falling over the world”.
April 2009: “CINEMA WORKS”, personal exhibition sponsored by Comune di Segrate Segrate Milan