Matt Rippon

Matt Rippon

Woodstock, Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

About Matt Rippon

Matt Rippon (b.1968) is a self-taught independent artist, with a passion for art, sculpture and design. All his works are created in his studio just outside of Woodstock, Oxfordshire, in the UK.

Matt’s works are typically a mixture of still-life compositions, imaginations and meditations focused on the human line and natural abstracts, and how these recognisable shapes influence so many everyday sights and objects around us. Feelings, emotions and memories are also a focus, and how they join forces to build a visual interpretation of what we see, think, believe and dream.

Matt’s view on the world influences and defines his style and are unmistakable and unforgettable. By using modern acrylic, oils and a free-spirited approach to putting paint on canvas, the soft, ochre, nude and linen hues are highlighted with an occasional strike of tyrian, cerulean and turquoise.


Royal Berkshire College of Art & Design