Mauro Mazzara

Mauro Mazzara

Senago, Milano, Lombardia, Italy

About Mauro Mazzara

"I'm a Man of Art. and Heart"

Born October 20 of 1980 and raised in Milan, I started drawing at the age of two... and I still haven't stopped!

I spent my high school years doodling in class, always getting into trouble, until I finally decided to join the Arte & Messaggio Illustration school in Milan and two years later I joined the Brera Art Academy to study painting. I work as a freelance illustrator for publishing, fashion and advertising. I am present on several Annual of Illustrators and my works as illustrator for children and adults are worldwide published.I often draw for sport, my other great passion, and I teach drawing and painting at Scuola Internazionale Comics in Brescia and Milano.

I took part in many solo and collective exhibitions and I received several prizes for my work.

My art is about people and their stories. Faces, bodies, beauty, with a touch of symbolism and surrealism. I firmly believe that a sort of neo- platonism, in our world and in contemporary art, is still extremely needed.


Exhibitions and prices

2002. mostra illustratori, Bologna Children's Bookfair

2003. mostra personale, Biblioteca Comunale Paderno Dugnano

2004. mostra collettiva “Milleduecentocinquantatredici”, Chiostro di Voltorre

2002. mostra collettiva Acquario Civico, Milano

2005. mostra collettiva Oasi LIPU, Cesano Maderno

2005. mostra collettiva “India Natura Incantata”, Salone degli Zavattari, Vicenza

2007. finalista del Premio Arte

2012. mostra collettiva “i 7 Vizi”, Arona

2012. vince il premio di pittura e design “Ronca Style A>150”

2013. 13° premio nazionale d'arte Città di Novara

2013. mostra collettiva “Faces & Bodies”, Arona

2013. vince il premio “Drink Different” al 2° international prize “Who Art you?2”, Milano

2013. mostra collettiva “Arte Per Oggi”, Roma

2013. mostra “Who Art You?2... And the Winner Is”, Design Library, Milano

2013. mostra personale “Monochromatic Stains”, BuonGusto Milano

2014. mostra collettiva”Who Art You?”, Brick Lane Gallery, London

2014. mostra personale al Fuori Salone, Ippogrifo Antichità, Milano

2015. mostra collettiva “The Importance Of Being Hans Ruedi”, Zurich

2015. mostra collettiva “i 5 Sensi”, Spazio Tadini, Milano

2016. festival di illustrazione “Inchiostro”, Alessandria

2017. mostra collettiva "Drawjob", Cremona

2018. mostra collettiva "Save Borsalino", Alessandria

2018. 3° Classificato al concorso "Il Ritratto", Arts In Rome, Roma

2018. mostra personale, "30 Ritratti", Fashion Library, Milano

2019. mostra personale, Festival Delle Lettere, Bergamo

2019. mostra collettiva, Premio Illustri, Milano

2020. mostra collettiva Concrete Cleavage, Toronto (CAN)

2020. mostra personale "Sport Lives", Sesto S. Giovanni (Mi)