Max de Winter

Max de Winter

Kollum, Friesland, Netherlands

About Max de Winter

I started in my art-education with photography, but changed quickly to art, design and illustration. After the Academy of Arts I landed in Amsterdam and stayed there for 23 years, then running a creative centre elsewhere. Now i live and work in the North of the Netherlands, where I created a only-Art-related-environment: member of group of artists and participating in an Art-foundation.
About my artwork:
At first side there is a lot of movement in my paintings, but if you look closer there is no direct movement at all. The figures are there, they look at you, but you can't look them in the eyes. They want to stay incognito. They do not want to be recognized. It is all a structure of lines, together with an often simple use of color.
About my other artwork:
Every year I paint images of completely abandoned villages and empty flat landscapes.


Academie St.Joost, Breda (NL) 1966-1970
Member of CBK Leeuwarden
Member of artist-group Artchipel
Co-founder of Atelier 7 KunstLokaal


Presented at AAF Amsterdam and Stockholm
by Art-Melvy Gallery
Collection: Waternet bv Amsterdam
Collection: Vellekoop & Vellekoop bv De Lier
Collection: Beugelink bv Kollum
Private collectors in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, USA, VAR, Belgium, Japan, UK


Galeries in the Netherlands:
Galerie Cattani Leiden
Galerie Mignon Wijk bij Duurstede
Galerie Noordvleugel Veenklooster
KunstKontor Die Rahmer Lübeck(D)
Art van der Brugge Zug(CH)

Colorfield Performance Arnhem
Kunstverein Fulda (D)
Colorfield Performance Sloten
Follow the blue line Ternaard/Blija
Galerie Noordvleugel Veenklooster
Galerie Lijn 3 Geersdijk
Kunst in de Stellingen Noordwolde
Small Art 5x5 Zoetermeer
Herberg Ternaard
Galerie Noordvleugel Veenklooster
Galerie By Leth Emmen
Galerie Appèlbergen Onnen
Galerie Noordvleugel Veenklooster
(theme: circus)
Galerie De Kleine Hoogstraat Leeuwarden
Galerie Mignon Wijk bij Duurstede
AAF Amsterdam
AAF Stockholm
Kunst in Tuin Spanbroek
Galerie Cattani Leiden
Le Art Gallery Groningen
Froukje State Ryptsjerk
AAF Amsterdam
AAF Stockholm
Galerie Noordvleugel Veenklooster
Kunst aan Huis Lauwersland
Art vd Brugge Zug (CH)
Schierstins Veenwouden
Galerie Sanders Thijssen Cuijk
Galerie Mignon Wijk bij Duurstede
Galerie Dabekaussen Sittard
Galerie Cattani Leiderdorp
Galerie De Vijf Eiken Arnhem
Galerie Le Pignon Grootschermer
Galerie Loes Koster Muntendam
De Meerpaal Dronten
Business Center Zürich-CH
Zuidkoop Expo De Lier
Kunstbegegnung Zug-CH
Galerie Cattani Leiderdorp
Galerie De Huiskamer Harlingen
Kunstevent Groningen
Kunstevent Den Haag
Het Koetshuis Roden
Galerie 't Koetshuis Hulshorst
Galerie Spiegelbeeld Emmen
Kunstevent Rotterdam
Galerie Dabekaussen Echt
Galerie 't Koetshuis Hulshorst
Galerie Steenwijk Steenwijk
Kunstevent Eindhoven