Markus Schnabel

Markus Schnabel

Cologne, Germany

About Markus Schnabel

I can't get humanity, so I make pictures. - Documentary photography. Urban stories in one frame.


My grandfather built lenses for ZEISS, my mother worked as a photo laboratorian. So the photography was a kind of put into my cradle.

Before starting to work as a photographer 2005 I became an educated journalist and had been working 12 years as an editor & producer for a big european tv station (RTL).

Photography and videography for me is about moments, moods and atmospheres. I love to shoot documentary in a minimalistic and cinematic style while being part of real situations. Authentic moments are resulting in authentic pictures.

Frame the picture, not your mind.


Awards 2020:

11/2020: Honorable mention by ND AWARDS 2020 for my series "I can't breathe" in Editorial/Documentary.

08/2020: 3rd place in contest "Freedom" by PHOTOGRAPHIE (magazine) and OFFENBLENDE (agency).


2019: T&D, Cologne
2018: Cranachzentrum, Cologne
2017: Cafe DiMi, Cologne