Medie Mulindwa

Medie Mulindwa

Rochdale, north west, United Kingdom

About Medie Mulindwa

Born in Kampala capital of Uganda
I am a self-taught artist and all my work is inspired and driven by capturing emotion,
In my growth and progression as an artist, i came to an early realisation and appreciation that emotion drives us, we do every thing we do to feel and this makes us feel alive.
Our status or state of mind is important to us and we more than often feel the need to share, despite whether or not the intended recipients share in our sentiments or even preconceptions, and for this very reason social media has revolutionised how we interact, capturing significant moments of our lives in emoticons and pictures as they paint a thousand words, from a smile, of happiness, to a the abstract representations that are open to interpretation.
We digitally capture, share, express and preserve emotional moments as they are all meant to stir up a feeling in the viewer, be it fear, joy, intimidation, debate, empathy etc.
My art/paintings embody this concept as i focus on capturing emotion in people, wild life, and my mind's conscious/subconscious discourse in form of figurative abstract expressions.
I work mainly in Acrylics or a mix of both Oils and Acrylics on canvas but i also explore African traditional materials/surfaces like "back cloth" made from the back of a "Mutuba" tree.
I combine surreal with figurative abstracts as a series and another series of wild life, with our closest cousins the primates making the greater portion of my body of work in this series.


Diploma,in electrical installation and fitting
Diploma in refrigeration and air conditioning.
Computer aided design diploma