Meevi Choi

Meevi Choi

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

About Meevi Choi

" Embracing our nature. Caring about the right to survive of animals. "

" Trying to get lost of society of materialism. "

" With a view to offset the gap between reality and fantasy, i paint to create my own religious belief. "


Meevi Choi.
B. 1987, Hong Kong.

A vegetarian, a mother of three cats and a little girl, art teacher, painter & designer. One of the founders of 104 Arts Studio and TANA.


"When i'm preparing to create a figurative painting, i always get new inspiration from the people with their different life, their emotion, the space that they live in and their background. In the process of my creation, except expressing my pure feeling, i like to make the painting with abstracted space within and around the figures consciously. I also express my inner feeling through distortion to reflect the truth and the different aspect of thinking in reality. I don't think it's necessary to have a prefect clarification, i do even like to make an imperfect image to representing the reality. I called my process of creation as a journey of introspection. " Meevi Choi, Aug 2015

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Past exhibitions:

AUG to SEPT 2018 - Meevi's Solo Exhibition [Nature] - Moon of Silence - Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

SEP 2015 - Barbarian Exhibition 2015 - Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

AUG 2015 - Slice of life - Artland gallery - Wan Chai, Hong Kong

SEP 2013 - Barbarian Exhibition 2013 - Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

MAR 2013 - Barbarian 2013 - Galerie Klee - Shop J, 99 Caine Road, Hong Kong